Hair Cutting For Beginners (1 Month)

This course aims to make the pupils understand the techniques of Hair Cutting & applying them professionally. We will teach you how to do a Basic hair cut to pro and advanced hair cutting techniques.  We will be going step by step through this haircut so that at the end you feel confident that you can do this on your own!

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

Hair Cutting for Beginners

Haircutting sets aside an unbelievably long effort to dominate and requires consistent instruction! In this Hair Cutting course you will be introduced to the Best Haircutting Techniques, we have hand-chosen large numbers of our #1 instructor that we accept will hoist your haircutting range of abilities to another level.

We first form solid Foundations, at that point work into the fundamental specialty of Layering, and add the final details with Face-Framing and bangs. We urge you to snatch a life sized model and work along with the recordings in this Hair Cutting course in Lahore at whatever point conceivable to truly secure your learning. Likewise, we couldn't want anything more than to hear from you on our online media stages in the event that you feel that this guide is helping you.

People have different reasons to cut their hair like who wants to cut their hair to change life through cutting and some others enjoy new life after stressful life. Most of the people search for the Best Hair Cutting to feel new. During the course, you will learn the needs of the people for cutting and know about skills that are important for you in the beginner level.

Hair Cutting Techniques

The following hair cutting techniques are important for you to communicate openly with the

Client and start your career in hair cutting from our institute.

  • Corrections

Hairstyle correction is assigned to fixing something that a customer is unsatisfied with their current cut or style. This can range from the huge dramatic to the scarcely noticeable. It all depends on the kind of correction they are looking for. For example, you could get away with very delicate, minor changes if they are not happy with the thick hair or volume of their hair. However, if you are hoping to correct a previous hair cutting mistake or aiming to create dramatic movement you are probably going to need more effective solutions.

  • Self-Expression

The personality and attitude of the people physically specific through their hair cut. Most of the people want to express their self-individuality and can be unique by their makeup, clothes and also hair. Sometime they are not know which haircut and style best for them. Hair cutting Course will help you to learn how to catch the customer by his communication with the customer. You can tell which style is for them, like to cut it short, leave it down, braid it, or color hair.

Hair Cutting Terms

If you want to change the look of your client by haircut then it is important that you have the knowledge of terminology of hair cutting. After this amazing course you will be able to define any term that any client have question about. Here, some terms of the hair cutting:

  • Layering

The term of layering creates different lengths that lay one on the top of the other. A layering hairstyle is lighter and cool to wear. In the warm weather months that is a great hairstyle option and leads to sweating or overheating. This is also helpful when you have a short time to prepare for some event and save time.

  • Thinning

In this way, you can easily wear thick style. Most of the time the layer and thinning looks the same but the overall effect is very different. The thinning shears is a hair cutting tool that has one blade with teeth and one without teeth. The process of thinning very useful to creates super-fine layers.

  • Blunting

The blunt cut is dropped at the angle of 0 degree and each string falls at the one length. If any client wants to blunt cut their hair then they have to cut the layers. After blunting you feel the shortest layer.

  • Graduated or Stacked cut

In this section cutting layers are very close to each other and add a little bit of bulk or weight to the style in a specific section. The layers cut at an angle of less than 90 degrees. The shape of the gradual haircut is built up short to longer and performed at any lengths.

Common Career in Haircutting

Before starting any business or to build a career it requires hard work and consistently work. The hairdresser needs to start as a trainee before becoming a junior stylist. After getting the experience, you would be able to stand at the next level like senior stylish.  You can also open your own salon and hire trainees to work in it. You could also combine the makeup skill.  Everyone meets with difficulty at the start but with time boost it.

Your Hair plays a very significant part in your life. And with the Best Hair Styling and guiding, you can rock any look of yours. It can change the whole personality of an individual. A good hair day is something you crave every day. If you are having a good hair day, your mood is inevitably enlightened by it.  Similarly, if you have a bad hair day, nothing seems to be working well.

After taking all these perspectives into consideration, PNY Pink is now offering Hair cutting for Beginners course. This Hair cutting course in Lahore, Pakistan covers all the modules needed to hone your hair cutting skills. In this course, you will be able to learn on how to:

  1. Express yourself with clarity through hair techniques.
  2. Combine Hair Treatments with all tips & techniques to learn Hair Cutting.
  3. Well balance between demonstration and hands-on workshop.
  4. Emphases very much on practical skills in professional hair cutting techniques and hair styling.
  5. Also covers some basics & advanced hair styling techniques as a bonus class.
  6. Build your career in hair artistry and hairstyling.
  • Females who are interested in beauty industry.
  • Women who want to open their own beauty salons.
  • Housewives.
  • Who want to earn through digital platforms.

About The Author

Nasira Imran

Nasira Imran


Nasira Imran, Hair Expert with an experience of 16 years and have trained more than 4000+ students yet.I made the most of the opportunity and proved myself in the field to the best of my ability. This hard work and dedication led me to carry out training classes in addition to my existing job. I pulled out all stops to impart my student’s up-to-the-minute insights w.r.t Beautician field that consequently made them win International Competition of Beautician. Incidentally, I am a Hair Stylist by choice and endeavour to evolve in the industry with time.

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