In Pakistan, the majority of the population is of youngsters and no one can deny the importance of youth in the country’s development and progress. Pakistan is blessed to have the highest ratio of youngsters in its population. If youth finds the right direction at the initial stage of their life, then they can contribute their role in the country’s progress at an early stage with polished skills. PNY Trainings took a step to train the youth of Pakistan in 2015 by introducing short courses in Rawalpindi. Now millions of youngsters have been trained by our short courses and have successfully started working and earning. Thus plays a positive role in training youth in Pakistan by offering IT courses in Lahore. Now it has extended its contributing hands by introducing short courses in Rawalpindi to make the youth of Rawalpindi more skilled and experienced so they can achieve success.

With pandemic, the importance of short courses has been increased rapidly as most of the people are losing jobs, which has gradually increased the rate of unemployment in Pakistan. This is why it is a need of time for the youth and professionals to be skillful, so they can start earning along with job or work. This will give them financial stability in a hard time.

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