Why PNY Trainings Offering Short Courses In Rawalpindi?

In Pakistan, the majority of the population is of youngsters and no one can deny the importance of youth in the country’s development and progress. Pakistan is blessed to have the highest ratio of youngsters in its population. If youth finds the right direction at the initial stage of their life, then they can contribute their role in the country’s progress at an early stage with polished skills. PNY Trainings took a step to train the youth of Pakistan in 2015 by introducing short courses in Rawalpindi. Now millions of youngsters have been trained by our short courses and have successfully started working and earning. Thus plays a positive role in training youth in Pakistan by offering IT courses in Lahore. Now it has extended its contributing hands by introducing short courses in Rawalpindi to make the youth of Rawalpindi more skilled and experienced so they can achieve success.

With pandemic, the importance of short courses has been increased rapidly as most of the people are losing jobs, which has gradually increased the rate of unemployment in Pakistan. This is why it is a need of time for the youth and professionals to be skillful, so they can start earning along with job or work. This will give them financial stability in a hard time.

Reasons To Learn Short Courses

Short courses in Rawalpindi are useful for those who want to learn new skills or enhance skills and gain more knowledge in their field. It is beneficial for those who are looking for a job or better opportunities.

It will add a new skill element to your CV to give you preference in your job interview and increase the probability of your selection for the post, you have submitted your CV. During the semester break, short courses also help you to utilize your free time in learning a new skill set. Nowadays, short courses in Rawalpindi have become very famous in the education sector as it brings more opportunities to learn various topics in less duration. You just have to search for a course of your interest and find the best institute to get enrolled.

Short courses can be helpful for the students who have completed their early education so they can decide their career path according to their interests and passion. It also enables students to be independent and start earning at the early stages of their life. Short courses in Rawalpindi also provide hands-on practice which enables them to get the learning of practical work that adds more familiarity with the latest industry skills.

Short courses are also preferable because these are of short length period ranging from 1 month to 6 months or year so students can easily get time to learn and complete it in minimal time. Nowadays youth is more concerned about practical learning rather obsolete the theoretical learning approach. These are affordable and less expensive so students can easily afford them. Either they can get the job or even can start freelancing.

The importance of short courses can’t be denied for companies as every company wants to have the best-skilled resources on hand which will increase their productivity, performance, efficiency, and profit margin. Thus short courses in Rawalpindi are also helpful for companies indirect that will provide skilled and practically implemented staff for them who can learn quickly and perform well.

Selection Of Institute For Short Courses

It is also very important to select the right and best institute for short courses in Rawalpindi that have the best experienced and industry professionals trainers, best cooperative admin, latest teaching methodology, interactive sessions, encourage students’ questions, acknowledge students concerns by asking student feedback, and more improvement by adopting the best strategy and trainer’s guidance even after completion of the study, internship opportunities after completion of the course to get hands-on experience and job references as well.

PNY Trainings meet all the criteria to be considered Best Training Hub in Pakistan, it’s trainers are experienced and professional in the industry who teach by sharing real case studies and also entertain student’s queries after completion of course too and cooperative admin to handle all students concern, lifetime access to online Student portal where all lectures videos and study material is available for students for all the time, even new data is being uploaded so graduated students can update themselves more. So the selection of PNY Trainings for the short course will be the best decision of your life. If you want to be a part of progressive Pakistan, enroll yourself in your desired short course in Rawalpindi at PNY Trainings.

 Thus, professionally trained students already have the edge of experience before they enter the practical world. Their learning session is more like an internship period rather than conventional learning.

Some of the best diploma courses in Lahore and marketing short courses in Rawalpindi Pakistan are:

Here are some more short courses In Rawalpindi that we are offering:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Artificial intelligence is continuously enhancing our lifestyle in many ways. We, as a user, are interacting with the emerging AI technologies on a daily basis while we do not realize this. This is the reason why many organizations are switching to the latest AI technologies and are also investing in automation to give a better experience to their users.  The right approach allows enterprises to win market share and raise sales by developing new and creative services.

So if you are looking for any short courses in Rawalpindi to excel your skills in AL Technology then PNY is the best institute for you as it can help you improve the essential skills of AI and Machine Learning.

Professional Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is the core of innovation of creativity in art. The more you learn and practice your art, the more you develop the knowledge of graphics. PNY Trainings is not only one of the best institutes in the country that will help you learn graphic designing but will also give you full grip in this field. This is the simplest and the best graphic designing course in Rawalpindi that will help you cover all that is necessary for the graphic designing course.

Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Videos play an essential role in the new era of digital marketing and it's continuously evolving with new innovation. Adobe Premiere and After Effects are not only popular video editing software’s but these are also considered as most influential in the editing world. If you want to master the art of video editing than PNY Trainings have the perfect offer for you. We cover all that is necessary to support the affordable short courses of technical graphic design in the market.

Laravel Developer with Angular 8:

PHP is a programming model that is used mostly in web creation on a server basis. In simpler terms, it is a language that creates, manages, and operates websites from the context. If you are involved in exploring institutes for short courses in Rawalpindi then PNY Trainings is the best place for you. The institute is offering many short courses in Rawalpindi that will make you learn PHP crash program, Storing and retrieving data, Using Arrays, String Manipulation and Regular Expressions MySQL, Reusing Code and Writing Functions, Object Oriented PHP, MVC with Laravel, Designing your web database, PHP & Mysql, Angular 8 and lots of more.

Quick Books and Advanced Excel:


Nowadays, Quickbooks and advanced excel has become the most popular and widely used software in the world. This spreadsheet software is useful for maintaining accounts, lists, complex tables, reports, price lists, audit sheets, and also for financial software.  Quickbooks and Excel short courses in Rawalpindi institute provide you with technological benefits by providing average citizens with the resources they don't know about.

Big Data + Hadoop Ecosystem (Data Science):

Big Data means the data from the enormous collection of organized, unstructured, and half-structured data. The data is typically massive, but often any valuable knowledge or a limited amount of data sets has to be collected. The outcomes of the market and certain other quality forecasts typically come from data processing and data science. This is a massive Data Hadoop Accredited Developer course addressing topics from the fundamental to the advanced stage. At PNY Trainings, in one among many short courses in Rawalpindi, you will discover what the most popular application is in big data and will also get to know more about popular ETL tools.

WordPress Full Customization:

WordPress has become the leading Content Management System in the world. It has powered the online world by continuous out sizing of its customize themes and plugins. This is why the necessity for WordPress Developers has also increased in the world of the internet. In one of these computer short courses in Rawalpindi Pakistan, you will find out the WordPress full customization course. This course will allow you to understand how to get into WordPress and set it up for SEO, design WordPress and, instead, create an e-commerce platform, with the open-source WordPress content management system, and publish your photos and articles.

1 Become a Master in SEO & SEM with WordPress

2 Interior Designing course in Rawalpindi

3 Full Stack Web Development course in Rawalpindi

4 Python Programming with Django Framework From Scratch

5 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) along with FREE MTCNA Course & Internship

6 SAP Business One ERP Trainings course in Rawalpindi

7 Event Planning Marketing & Management course in Rawalpindi

8 Become a YouTube Star & Earn

9 Become a Certified Mean Stack Web Developer

10 Freelancing (Become Your Own BOSS)

11 Media Production Film Making Course in Rawalpindi

12 Advanced illustrator Level 2

13 Become A Full Stack Android Developer With JAVA

14 Advance Hacking With Python & Bug Bounty Course

These are some IT courses in Rawalpindi and also some other designing courses. There are some more professional short courses for an individual to be a professional in his/her field. To check more details about many other short courses in Rawalpindi Pakistan, you can contact us or could visit our website.

Short Courses in Rawalpindi:

Online short courses in Rawalpindi from PNY Trainings is a choice individuals make for various purposes, it provides more than just a quality education and computer operating knowledge. PNY Trainings short courses in Rawalpindi aims to indulge its students into a new tradition and culture and experience for life forming challenges, build up personalities and improve as an IT expert, it helps people to become more independent and self-aware, etc. Nowadays computers have been incorporated in every field, every sector e.g. education field, research sectors, industrial sector, corporate and many others. Having the basic knowledge through these Short courses about computer operating is, however, vital but in-depth functionality and the knowledge about the wide scope of the computer systems is something unreachable within modern days.

Technological progress is fast and it is estimated that people who know how to deal with computers and apps are practitioners. Our basic IT courses in Rawalpindi provide a computing basis for students to improve more concepts:

  1. Web development
  2. WordPress
  3. Blockchain
  4. Amazon Basics
  5. Web Designing
  6. SEO
  7. SMM
  8. Google Adwords
  9. Google Adsense
  10. Microsoft office
  11. Windows application

PNY Trainings is offering some of the best computer short courses in Rawalpindi. These courses train students for the expansion of jobs and simple activities like data entry to highly-skilled jobs such as graphic designers and web designers. Applicants are often equipped to manage databases and build user interfaces. These computer courses are the best means of studying basic information technology. The courses that PNY is offering, has no regulation. It will be beneficial for beginners, job holders, and even for executives. A number of the essential computer courses offered by our institution in Rawalpindi to our students are:

Graphic design includes the learning of Photoshop and Illustrator.
Web designing (Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver).
Web development courses (Xamp server, PHP, MySQL).
2D Animation includes an understanding of visual designing.
Interior Designing (design concepts, color visualization, 2D/ 3D perspective drawing, interior designing concepts).

Business and Accounts Short Courses in Rawalpindi:

The Business Library will provide practitioners with better graduate training. It makes you develop some creative ways to handle time and tasks beautifully so you can be more constructive about company tools and technologies. The course will also bring you into other businesses. Gain your financial and accounting skills through these courses which cover key financial subjects such as SAP, event management, and bookkeeping. Our short courses are built to help you improve your skills in fast-rising industries. These IT short courses in Rawalpindi are the best in the city. Anyway, here some of our best business and accounts courses:

Office Management Course Basic to Advance
E-Commerce Entrepreneurship
QuickBooks and Advance Excel
SAP Business One ERP Trainings
Event Planning

Language Courses in Rawalpindi:

Study the various languages with our language courses in Rawalpindi and learn the slang English language course fluently. English and other languages are also highly rewarding to teachers and give them the ability to learn about different cultures and help students do something different. Whether you would like to grow your teaching skills or investigate a career in teaching. PNY Trainings will definitely help you to achieve this milestone. Here is the list of some language courses:

Spoken English Comprehensive Course
IELTS Preparation Guide
Chinese Language Course

Robotics Short Courses:

The Robotics course will allow students to develop creatively and hands-only solutions for all their senses. It has been shown that you want to create a multi-sensory to enable a larger range of intellectual relations. We will also share the idea of Stephen Hawking that super-intelligent beings can often trigger the highest degree of civilization.

PNY Trainings is offering an open robotics course where you will create a robot from scratch and learn how electronics, engineering, and programming are combined for the development of functioning robots. Here at PNY, we deliver a short course on Visionary Robotics that can impact your whole career.

Our One Year Long Diplomas:

People commonly assume that businesses compete with each other through their goods and services, but actually compete more through their founders, visions, and strategic profoundness in the business field. Businesses in Pakistan traditionally do not have diverse leadership skills to prepare and interpret the strategic management of their businesses. Given the need to play its part in boosting professionals, PNY has built a range of technical diploma programs to improve leadership and to create global competitiveness in addition to the Best IT Short course in Lahore Pakistan.

Our One Year Long Diplomas:

People commonly assume that businesses compete with each other through their goods and services, but actually compete more through their founders, visions, and strategic profoundness in the business field. Businesses in Pakistan traditionally do not have diverse leadership skills to prepare and interpret the strategic management of their businesses. Given the need to play its part in boosting professionals, PNY has built a range of technical diploma programs to improve leadership and to create global competitiveness in addition to the Best IT Short course in Lahore Pakistan.

One Year Diploma in Software Engineering:

The world has become a global village and the technology of information has been rising every day. The software application is now everywhere in our lives, and almost every small shop requires a software application to manage its records and many other things. After taking this one-year diploma course in software engineering our IT specialist will create websites, apps, applications, and other data technology products. Our main objectives of this course are:

1. To develop and produce skilled youth which can lead the longer term of Pakistan

2. To increase the software export of Pakistan

3. To save time and train people with the in-demand skills

4. To build confidence in youth

One Year Diploma in Network and Cyber Security:

Learn to successfully protect a network and gain useful skills in risk management, cybersecurity, and cryptography with the PNY Network Security course. The students will learn about LANs, WANs, and the utilization of protocols in security. After this course, the student will be in a position to determine security amenability across the whole network by using such network hacking tools, techniques, and amenability scanning.

They can easily architect the network for max security and protect the network from local and remote attackers. This course will also cover the utilization of custom router firmware with better network security services. This diploma is one of the finest courses of our best short courses in Rawalpindi institutes.

One Year Diploma in Marketing and Entrepreneurship:

Due to the rapid growth of digital marketing, it has become more important for learning and practicing. As with pandemic, the online business industry is in the blooming phase, and many traditional businesses shifting to the online world which also has increased the opportunity in digital marketing. Even traditional marketers are now using digital media more and adopting Digital Marketers. With the scope of affiliate marketing and drop shipping, digital marketing also valuable nowadays. Our future is nowhere without the use of the internet.

The Business and Entrepreneurship Management diploma offers programs to meet the requirements of the Entrepreneurial, Business, and commercialization requirements of the college, researchers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, multinationals companies, and freelancing. Courses are uniquely designed for people who want to start out their own businesses or who already operate a start-up to understand what it takes to achieve success as small business owners. The program also will benefit entrepreneurs by providing means for planning an overall strategy for start-up and little business which will help achieve business goals.

Our Faculty:

PNY Trainings is considered Market Leader in short courses with expertise in various industries like IT, Digital Marketing, Designing, Programming, and many more. Our faculty and administration are collaborating together to provide a secure and sustainable future. Our students are welcomed to discuss their concerns and queries with faculty for better understanding and learning. Our faculty members are experts in their respective fields and are passionate and devoted to training the youth well that will stand them outclass in a highly competitive market. Using various teaching methodologies and interactive live sessions, they are looking forward to guiding you and train you. They encourage your questions and answer best by sharing real case studies.

Our focus is on creativity,

What are you waiting for?

Join PNY and meet your dreams and grow your career and future.

Our Aims and Objectives: Features of PNY Trainings

PNY Trainings is the only Best IT Institution in Pakistan that offers a variety of short courses in Rawalpindi to the students so students can select according to their interests, habits, and profession which will provide complete training and skills to the enrolled students. Students can gain a competitive advantage which will boost the confidence of the students and develop their personality too.

Following are the aims and objectives of  PNY Trainings,  Best IT Short Courses in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

To coach the youth to enhance their creativity and skills.
To provide guidance and training to the youth of Pakistan.
Extending helping hand to train Rawalpindi youth by conducting physical classes in their town.
Develop professionals within IT, Computer, Designing skills.
Bringing the best expert professional trainer faculty team for trainings.
Enhance creativity in youth.
Provide a platform to perform learned skills practically.
Counseling of youth in their career path.
Interactive Teaching Methodology.
To help students to turn their hobbies and passion into reality and a profession.