Our Institute

Head of PNY Groups of Company:
Mr. Wahab Yunus C.E.O PNY Group of Companies did MBA in 2010 from Institute of Management Sciences (IMS), Specialized in Marketing, Worked As A Marketing Manager for More than 10 Years in Top Multi-National Companies & then Started PNY Trainings in 2014. He is undoubtedly a Pioneer of Digital & Social Media Training’s in Pakistan, & Now His Institute Provides More than 50+ Latest Courses and is very clear about his Aim “The Key to Success is Only Hard work & Hard work” Specialized in Digital & Social Media Marketing Advanced Facebook Marketing, SEO, Google Ads & Google Analytics. Worked as a Consultant with Different Brands & Provide Much Corporate Training & In-House Training. And in a short period, Working on different Projects of PNY Group of Companies, Like PNY Pink (A Project for Females Training only), ONAJAH (A Online Learning Platform), PITA (A non-Profit Digital Media Organization) & PNY Advertising (An Advertising Agency) His Vision is to Provide Skills to Pakistani Youth & Enhance Work Opportunities For Them.

C.E.O of PNY Pink:
Mrs. Samina Wahab leads the PNY Pink project that was specifically for making our females strong. She is a creative and talented woman. Mrs. Samina Wahab is setting an example for the females out there that women can be a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur at the same time. She is such a diverse woman who balances her personal and professional life so perfectly. She is also a source of confidence to females to give their best both at work and at home.

Project Head of PNY Pink:
Mahwish Tanveer is a self-learner. After completing her MSc. degree in mass communication. She started her career with different institutions to make her place in the field. She has been working for the last 5 years. She is also a graphic designer and social media expert, has a grip on four different software’s. She owns a PNY Pink team and motivates the coming girls to be self-oriented and confident in their work. And not only rely on a degree but also learn the new skills to become part of this timely changing world.

Instagram brand strategist:
Amna. Z has been working with brands on Instagram for about 4 years ago. She has been a blogger on Instagram for the past 5 years. Also took many strategies training regarding Instagram brand strategy through international coaches across the world.
Amna. Z believes that she can express her creative side much better. That today she is working with various brands & give coaching to international new businesses. Her journey with Instagram has been quite a long ride. Today she is honored to place level up Instagram brands & selling with the right strategy in place.

Irfan Ahmed Video Editor of PNY Pink:
Irfan Ahmad is a confident, self-motivated, and self-sufficient man. Irfan has always been obsessed with the process of filmmaking. The filmmaking skill can convert a cluster of imageries into a sequence to shadow light on a story with your perspective. He started filming videos and editing back in 2017. Irfan Ahmad also started his YouTube channel to present his work to the world to show his camera handling and video editing skills. He got 8500 subscribers and more than half a million views on that channel up till now.
Irfan doesn’t stop here got admission to the most prestigious university in Pakistan to study Law and make his dream come true. After joining the university, he became a part of the media art society as a productions manager to carry on my passion for filmmaking with my beloved law degree.