Lash Extension & Nail Technician

Unlock your Artistry. Master nail technician and lash extension techniques. Get hold of the latest trends and set your creativity free

Duration : 4 Months
Skill level: Beginner to Pro
Lash Extension & Nail Technician

Course Description

Lash Extension & Nail Technician

In this 4-month certified course, you will be able to get diverse insights related to nail art and eyelash extension. We provide you with a chance to amplify your artistic skills and creativity. In today’s modernized era, it becomes consequential for one to maintain and uphold their persona. Learning skills to elevate your inventive talent. Through this course, you will grasp adeptness and achieve proficiency from the ground level. 

Lash Extensions

Lashes are one of the prominent parts of a face. Nowadays, eyelash extensions range from natural to bold and dramatic looks.  At PNY Pink, you will get training about this popular beauty trend to enhance the length thickness, and curl of eyelashes.

This proper procedure includes various lash types including synthetic, silk, and milk. It also depends on the client's choice to get the desired lash length with curl. These curls are also of different types such as C-curl, D-curl, and J-curl. In this course, you will learn about techniques to maintain a comfortable and natural look while applying extensions.

Furthermore, you will acquire knowledge about products, safety and hygiene, eye shapes and types, eyelash maintenance, and aftercare. This course will comprise classic, hybrid, Russian, and volume eyelash extensions. 

Nail Technician 

It can vary from basic nail care to complex nail artistry. It includes the maintenance, care, and moisturizing of nails to make them look clean and moisturized. Both technical skills and creativity are required to attain the desired results. In this course, we will refer you to how to portray your creativity. Nail art is about painting your nails with basic color to add gems, rhinestones, and decals to make them look more appealing. We also deal with color wheeling, and textures, adding extensions to nails, and applying some techniques to make them hygienic and strong. Additionally, shaping nails and knowing how to use chemicals safely and effectively is an essential part of nail artistry.

In this course, we will guide you about product usage, polish application, Foil nail art, Glitter nail art, french nail art, chrome nail art, flower nail art, removal techniques, and so far.

Moreover in learning acrylic nail art, you will lay hands on nail shapes, nail types, 3D nail art, marble nails, acrylic removals, and much more. 

Why Choose Us?

PNY Pink is the finest institute when it comes to taking your skills to a top-notch level. We organize a free master class for you to impart knowledge about how you can use your skills effectively and digitize your business. In this course, we will enlighten your path by providing you with guidance about Salon Management, YouTube Marketing, and Self-Grooming. Along with that, we will present to you the skills of Meni-Pedicure and Henna Mehndi Art.

• Deep interest in Fashion

• Creative Mindset in Beauty and Fashion

• Make it a Profession

• Learn New Skills

• Get up-to-date about ongoing Fashion Trends

• Beauty Enthusiasts

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