Beautician Salon Artist Course 1.0

This course is a perfect guide to learning everything from skincare and how to apply makeup to a complete understanding of how to carry your hair with perfection.

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Basic
Beautician Salon Artist Course 1.0

Course Description

Certified Beautician Course in Lahore

This course is a perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and practical training including a complete understanding of products and treatments to make you a professional. This is a professional course in which you will learn and understand in-depth knowledge.

Professional Beautician Salon Artist Course:

In the first month of our Certified Beautician Makeup Course for females in Lahore, you will gain a proper understanding of skin analysis. We will help you understand the different face shapes, skin types, and skin concerns. A basic understanding of these initial steps will lay the foundation to understand the fundamentals of corrective makeup techniques.

You will learn the use of different makeup brushes and makeup looks. We will give you an understanding of foundation mixing and color correction techniques. The Certified Beautician Makeup Course for females in Lahore will equip you with the knowledge of creating different makeup looks including party makeup look, model makeup look, and Mehndi makeup look through detailed demonstration. 

The final week of the month is followed by learning the techniques of creating a perfect Barat makeup look and Valima makeup look. Apart from this, you will be learning the code of conduct, personal grooming, and hygiene techniques in the Certified Beautician Makeup Course for females in Lahore followed by client care and work ethics management.

Professional Hair Artistry Course:

The second month of the Certified Beautician Makeup Course for females in Lahore is designed to make you understand everything you need to learn and know about your hair. Biology of hair, hair growth, hair conditions, baldness, dandruff problems, hair loss problems, premature hair, etc., and the solutions to these problems, everything will be discussed and covered in this course.

We will be introducing you to different hair care products and tools, and how to select and use them. Moreover, this course will further explain different hair-cutting and hair-styling techniques. You will learn how to give a graduated layers haircut, long belle French layers, and graduated bob haircut to your clients. In styling techniques, you will learn how to blow dry hair and different styles through blow drying as well including hairstyles for parties and brides.

The Certified Beautician Makeup Course in Lahore is introduced to give an opportunity to our females to advance with growing trends of the fashion industry and learn modern hair-dying and hair-coloring techniques. You will learn how to do lowlights and highlights as well.

Professional Skin Aesthetics Course:

The Certified Beautician Makeup Course in Lahore also covers the understanding of skin, its types, skin concerns, skin analysis, and different skin conditions. You will be learning about different products, creams, oils, scrubs, masks, etc. according to your skin type.

Furthermore, the Certified Beautician Makeup Course will teach you the techniques and tools for manicures and pedicures. Facial procedures including manual and advanced facial for instance; hydra facial is also a part of this course’s learning. In addition to that, learning threading and waxing techniques is also part of the course content. At the end of the course, you will earn certificates based on your performances and assignments.  

Importance of Beautician Course

The Certified Beautician Makeup Course for females in Pakistan is a kind of course that will lead to a profession that cuts across practically all cultural divides. Skin aesthetics, hair artistry, and makeup skills are globally recognized career paths in the majority of countries. Apart from continuing this profession in Pakistan, this career can also be pursued abroad considering its wide range of scope. 

This Certified Beautician Makeup Course for females in Pakistan was designed to teach students who want to learn how to groom themselves and their clients’ makeovers. The course incorporates and covers every single aspect of grooming a person from making your skin healthy, styling your hair, and flaunting your pretty makeup.

The majority of people have no idea how to bring in new clients and are unaware of the importance of referral programs and courses. We have introduced this course to teach you how to enhance your relationship with your clients and leave a positive impact. This course will keep you inspired, enhance your practice and enable you to achieve huge success.

Why Choose PNY Pink For Beautician Courses

PNY PINK holds a history of the successful introduction of a variety of courses for females. We have strived to provide as many opportunities to our females as they deserve to become self-employed and financially independent. This Certified Beautician Makeup Course for females in Pakistan is introduced to cover everything you need to learn to run a salon or a spa.

This beauty course is a foghorn for all the passionate females out there giving them a platform to learn one of the most in-demand skills to excel in one of the biggest industries in the world. If skin aesthetics is your passion, let it become your profession. We have initiated to step up and groom the passion of our women bringing it to a marketplace.

In addition to that, we have highly experienced instructors with remarkable certifications in the relevant industries to teach you. You will be learning from the best to become the best.

Who Should Join

• Beginners interested in learning the basic skills in professional makeup artistry

• For skin and hairstyling enthusiastic

• Anyone who wants to run a salon

• Anyone who wants to pursue a career as a makeup artist

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