Be a Certified Beautician & Make-up Artist

In this course you will learn Luxury Spa facials & skin care, Manicure & Pedicure, Party Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Model makeup, Secret Makeup Techniques, Hair cutting & Styling, The Art of Salon Management

Duration : 3 Months
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

Specifications of Beautician & makeup courses in Lahore, Pakisatn

PNY Pink believes in the supremacy of your dreams and endeavors to make them come true because we believe you can. PNY Pink is the leading institute that ensures the empowerment of women in this Beautician course in Lahore. It is the 21st century and the beauty industry is flourishing day after day and there is the pinnacle of competition and here PNY Pink brings you the opportunity to be the best version of yourself and make a distinction in the beauty industry. Be your own boss in the future and get PNY Pink Beautician course in Lahore for authentication of your work.

The success of makeup courses in Lahore is beyond expectations. The candidates will learn from their mentor that makeup has made her name in the makeup industry and she is humble enough to teach her magic tricks through the platform of PNY Pink which is providing makeup courses in Lahore.

The views of alumni were mixed such as they were confused at the beginning about whether they would make it in the end or just end up on a monotonous journey with no outcome. There are a bunch of ladies in our society who are proud house-makers and are coveting to pursue their career as beauticians’ maybe because their inspiration is because she is handling professional and personal life marvelously. During this Makeup Artist courses in Pakistan, you will learn the skills which are helpful in your future. Our institute provides the facility to become an expert in Makeup Artist courses in Pakistan.

The interaction in Makeup classes is so fervent that it will fill the candidates with a new zest to learn the three months makeup course for beginners and be qualified beauticians and open their salons in the near future

Lahore is the hub of the beauty industry.  The Best  Beautician course in Lahore at PNY Pink covers every feature of makeup artists with a bag full of other tricks such as cutting, grooming, and also some motivational sessions to be persistent in learning. But PNY Pink is endeavoring with its online interactions to meet the needs of people in remote areas by providing Makeup Artist courses in Pakistan.

Nowadays, grooming is an integral part of self-styling and pacing the contemporary world. Every woman is pretty in her own style and without makeup but with the right makeup and some grooming, it can be incredibly powerful. So, let’s talk about the themes of the professional makeup artist courses, it is wrapping up the whole beautician's skills in a single makeup course for beginners.

Such as

Skincare, dealing with all issues of skin, use of different products, including home remedies and some wonderful authentic market products.

Makeup, in the world of makeup, becomes an expert at doing this art and gets yourself noticed. This covers the whole art of making from suggesting a proper foundation for specific skin and to the last touch with a setting spray.

Haircutting, styling & treatment, this domain teaches you about cutting according to face shape, length dimensions, and different cures for hair problems

Beautician short courses, as it is a known fact that personality impacts the most in your surroundings. This will teach you about styling yourself or the customer according to the environment.

Makeup artist course in Lahore, styling is a way of saying things without uttering a word and this is taught by the expert stylist.

Salon & staff management, so you are waiting to open your own salon and learn management skills. The wait is over. This course will help you go through all these aspects.

In the motivational lecture, one can’t be goal-oriented every time because life hits you and breaks you. But our mentors are always there to encourage you and be determined to achieve your goal.

You know what hard work pays off and after completing this course you would be definitely encouraged to step into the relevant field. Perks of working with makeup in her studio, getting shout-outs for your work, discounts on products, and gifts. Even after taking the Beautician Short courses  with the kit, you will be able to make a distinction in the future.

The hamper full of wonders isn’t that costly, it links every person in society to a single platform and educates all of them with full keenness. Only with 35k, you will acquire brilliant artifacts in just three months.

It is a tremendous idea to hang certificates on your professional wall that says about the validation of your work. And having a certification from PNY Pink is a next-level expert attitude because PNY Pink is triumphing at new altitudes with every passing day. It will give a new acknowledgment in the market and lift your beauty business. So, your bright future is waving at you and it’s your turn to wave back. Seize the chance and don’t just shake hands with the perky future but embrace it.

PNY PINK makeup artist course:

PNY PINK is the Best makeup Institute in Lahore that will give you a boost in the makeup industry. If we look at the post-pandemic scenario, the boom in good education is remarkable and PNY Pink is providing best makeup classes in Lahore, Pakistan. This course covers every highlight of makeup-related learning. Professional makeup artist course fees are just 35k. In just a few pennies you can achieve a milestone. Don’t wait for more, just grab the opportunity and step into the bright future.

“May good fortune smile on you and May you begin this new adventure.”


  • Female Children and Teenage girls
  • Females who have interest in beauty industry
  • Women who want to launch their beauty salons
  • Housewives
  • Who want to earn through digital platforms

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Aqsa Noman

Aqsa Noman


Internationally certified makeup and hair expert and educationist. Certified from AOFM... Having many certification from loreal, Nayla H, Kashee's, Christine and many more.. , Miss Aqsa Noman. Working in this field past 10 years... Work with many brands like coke studio artists. Did many shoots for brands and salon's. Run my own salon(2018-2021). Trained many women's and those are working in beauty field.

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