Self Grooming Course

In this self grooming course, you will learn basic personal hygiene tips, every day makeup, converting soft-glam to heavy-glam, different hairstyles and 2 ways to wear hijab, How to communicate with people, How to enter into the world of blogging, the right dressing technique.

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner
Self Grooming Course

Course Description

People always want to self groomed and wish to look decent pysically and mentally. But the problem is they do not find any proper guidance to self grooming. 

PNYPINK is offering self grooming course in lahore pakistan to the peoples who want to be self groomed and wish their childrens to be groomed. This self grooming course is specially designed acording to moral values of a society and with modern trends. 

What you will learn

  • Learning basic personal hygiene tips
  • Learning every day makeup, converting soft-glam to heavy-glam
  • Learning different hairstyles and 2 ways to wear hijab
  • How to communicate with people
  • How to enter into the world of blogging
  • Learning the right dressing technique
  • How to look good in pictures

This course is designed for all the peoples who want proper guidance to self grooming and be able to present themself as a well groomed person.

About The Author

Feza Manan

Feza Manan


Feza Mannan is a makeup blogger, who not only focuses on creating different makeup looks but also posts content related to skincare, haircare, outfits and more! Alongside her blog, she is studying at Lahore school of Economics. Over the years, she learned different tricks and hacks to groom oneself and boost confident. She uses affordable makeup products, promote different Pakistani brands that are easily approachable to her audience and shares homemade hair and skin- care masks. She started her blog in makeup but shifted to life style blogging as well and was invited by big brands such as Nestle, Redbull on their launch events.

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