Acrylic Nail Artistry

This course enables you to craft your art creatively through Acrylic Nail Artistry. Ride on a wave of innovation and elevate your skills from the beginning to the top-tier level.

Duration : 1 Months 2 Weeks
Skill level: Beginner to Pro
Acrylic Nail Artistry

Course Description

Acrylic Nail Artistry Course


This course makes you learn about basic craftsmanship and abilities of nail artistry in a duration of 1.5 months. You will get plenty of hands-on practice to sharpen your skills and improve your creativity. You’ll learn valuable insights and advanced techniques of acrylic nail artistry. 

Discover the artistry

Nail art is more than a profession. It depicts your diverse foresight and showcases your talent of uniqueness. Our comprehensive course takes you through a journey of novelty and artistry. It is the best way of being expressive and innovative. 

Know-How of Art

Your interest plays a crucial role in any basic learning process. You will get proficiency in how-to-use products, nail shapes, nail types, french nails, ombre nails, chrome nails, marble nails, glitter nails and so far. In addition, you will get a hols of acrylic nails along with its removal techniques. 


After learning the pro-level techniques, one should have an idea of where to apply these techniques. You’ll learn to craft creative, bold, natural, classic, avant-garde styles, and much more.

Market Analysis 

Whatever is related to beauty never goes out of trend. Professional nail artists are in high demand. If you want to turn your passion and artistry into a career, then we’ll provide you with business insights to get into business with competence. 

Why choose PNY Pink?

PNY Pink provides you with much more than learning. Along with getting a grip on basic terms of nail art, we will assist you with hands-on practice, live demonstration, YouTube Marketing, theory, and practicals. Not only this, we provide you with written hands-out, 24/7 Whatsapp Support, and certification on the completion of your course. Our competent team of instructors and supportive environment are what make us stand out as the Best Female Training Institute in Pakistan.

Our comprehensive curriculum does not leave any sight unturned. We trained you to enhance your compatibility. Furthermore, if you want to pursue it professionally, then the noteworthy point is dealing with your clients and maintaining a positive impact. We got you here too. Our team of professionals will guide you to learning, collaborating, and working in an environment based on mutual respect. It is a chance for you to get all clarity and perception in just one month. So, reach the horizons of success with your boundless creativity.

• If you want to become a professional nail artist

• Improve your skills  

• Interested in Art and Creativity

• Know-how of nail art

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Anam Ameen


I'm Anam Amin, a Professional Graphic Designer, Photoshop Illustrator, Coral Draw expert with 5 years dedicated experience. I have started by career by doing internship in Plan9, ARFA Software Technology Park Lahore. As a professional, I get to work on a variety of exciting projects that engage me with like-minded people. In these 5 years I have worked with different types of companies. Being creative and seeing things in different ways is a gift and I want to share that gift with others. I have made Logos, Print Posters, Social Media Post Designs, Brand Identities, Prospectus, Bill Boards etc.

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