Be a Certified Skincare Specialist & Expert

In this course, you will learn Luxury Spa Facials & Skin Care, The Great Skin Basics, Be Nice to Your Skin/Self Grooming, Manicure & Pedicure plus Nail Care, Workshop: For a Glowing Skin, The Art of Mehndi Designing, Nail Art: Colorful, Creative Designs to Paint,

Duration : 1 Months 30 Days
Skill level: Beginner
Be a Certified Skincare Specialist & Expert

Course Description

PNY PINK Brings All The Passionate Females Of Our Country On The Platform To Learn Best Skin Care Training In Lahore, Pakistan.

We Offer Professional Skin Care Training For Beginners To Enhance The Future Of Skin Care.

No One Should be Using The Same Skin Care Products They Are Using At 18 Years Old Age When They Are In 38 Years Of Age.

When You Are In Younger Age Repairing Collagen, Anti-Aging Ingredients Are Not Needed But When Your Are Older Then 20 Years OF Age Your Body Stop Produces Certain Compounds.

Your Skin Requires Different Nutrients As Your Age. Skin Is The Frame Of The Picture Just Like The Eyes Are The Windows Of Soul And Mouth As The Courier Of Thoughts. 

In Professional Skin Training You Will Learn Different Kinds Of Skin (Dry, Olive, Acne, Problem Skin), Anatomy Of The Skin, Temperature Of Skin And Remedies, Washing And Cleaning Of Face. Importance Of Moisturizing And Nourishing Face. Different Skin Types Of Hands And Feet’s And Their Problems, Suitable Manicure And Pedicure Products For Your Skin, Theory Of Nail, Right Way To Apply Nail Paint. Facial Of Dry Skin, Facial Of Oily Skin, Facial Of Acne Skin.  You, Will, Also Learn About Mehndi Designs, Tips And Tricks To Improve your Mehndi Designs, Different Mehndi Patterns & Flowers. 
We Also Have An Seasonal Diet.

In Summer We Drink More Water And Eat Water Melons, Berries Therefore We Have A Good Skin And  In Winters When Wind Is Very Dry Our Skin Goes Dry, And Rough In PNY PINK We Discuss Many Tips And Techniques Of Skin Care Training.

Your Skin Care Routine Is Only As Good As The Products You Have Used. Good Or High-quality Products Are Effective And Essential For Sensitive Skin Care.

The course is intended for beginners to grow up their Skincare skills and walk with confidence. Start your journey of being a Skincare will start.

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Ayesha Sayeen

Ayesha Sayeen


Ayesha Sayeen - Makeup Artist Blogger Trainer & Brand owner of Mahly's beauty has a product line that offers halal, affordable and cruelty-free makeup products and a platform to beautify people so that they work with and learn to use makeup products according to the need and occasion.

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