Professional Certified Skin Aesthetics Course

A perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and practical training on the latest skin products and skin treatments makes you a skin care professional.

Duration : 1 Months 2 Weeks
Skill level: Beginner to Pro

Course Description

Skin Specialist Courses in Lahore

There has been a spectacular surge in demand for professional aesthetic learning as the demand for aesthetic treatments has grown. We are pleased to announce the establishment of PNY PINK will provide training in the most up-to-date aesthetic procedures. We offer a comprehensive understanding of aesthetic procedures, from the fundamentals to the most complex applications.

These skin specialist courses in Lahore will provide you with exceptional, cutting-edge cosmetics in the world's most sought-after cosmetic treatments. Our goal is to deliver the best skin specialist courses in Lahore, Pakistan as possible as a professional aesthetic trainer can do. Aesthetic and cosmetic training, despite being a lucrative and popular part of medicine, necessitates extensive professional training in these fields. Our courses are specifically designed to teach the artistic art of aesthetic practice in a practical, clear-cut manner while maintaining the client’s safety.

Skin Care Specialist Course in Pakistan

The established rules of a certain professional group are referred to as skin care specialist courses in Pakistan. Their goal is to figure out who is a group member, what the group's aims are, standard working methods and behavior, and how to deal with common issues that happen inside the group. Human rights are at the heart of professional ethics.

Representatives of a certain organization must follow the rules set forth by the profession's ethics and work in compliance with them. These are evident in other professions, such as medical ethics or teaching ethics, but are conspicuously absent in the Permanent Makeup industry in Pakistan.

Hygiene Procedures We Should Take in skin Aesthetics

At all times, the premises must be kept clean and sanitary. Between each client, treatment areas such as benches should be cleaned and/or a clean covering placed over the treatment surface.
To avoid cross-contamination, all liquids, creams, pinks, and pigments must be decanted into single-use containers, and each person completing the treatment must use a single-use applicator.

If the wax is used to remove hair, the wax and any instruments used to apply it (such as a spatula) must be disposed of soon once the treatment is completed (no double dipping). Have you ever wished to produce your own natural skincare products? Are you interested in learning the fundamental skills and procedures for safely manufacturing natural skin care without the use of preservatives? Do you want to learn how to choose the best preservative for your skincare products? Then this is the course for you!

Natural and synthetic skincare preservatives have different properties. Learn the distinctions between antioxidants and preservatives, as well as how they operate in skin care formulations.
Learn how to keep your items pure and organic by protecting them.

An in-depth look at three natural preservatives used in cosmetics formulations. An in-depth look at two synthetic preservatives. Learn about the bacteria commonly discovered in skincare products.
Learn how to put your skincare compositions to the test. Step-by-step instructions and a checklist to help you choose the best natural preservative.

By the end of these skin aesthetics courses, you'll be able to confidently choose a preservative that works for your skincare formulations. You'll have a firm grasp of how preservatives operate and why they're such a crucial component of skin care. This training begins with the aesthetic industry's professionalism and client selection.

The layers of the skin and their functions are covered in detail in this course. Analyzing the skin contributes to the development of a preventative skincare strategy. Studying the skin's internal and external effects will lead to better skincare. The training covers practical washing and exfoliating procedures, as well as massage movements, that aid in the maintenance of healthy skin structure and the treatment of skin irregularities. Professional products can help.

You will be certified as a Professional Skincare Coach by Style and Beauty Experts after completing these advanced skin aesthetics courses. You will be able to select the appropriate skincare items to keep your client's skin healthy.
You'll know what products won't strip your client's skin of its natural oils while also balancing its pH. You'll pick the correct stimulating items that won't erode your client's natural barrier and leave them with weakened skin. You'll learn how to hydrate and nourish the skin, as well as reinforce and improve the skin's lipid barrier, add key active substances, and cure the skin from the inside out.

• Students who are interested in learning about skin and basic methods should enroll in this class.

• Estheticians in the field who require growth and development

• Estheticians in the industry who are keen to continue their studies and are looking for continued training

• Students are interested in learning how to care for their skin.

• Beauty Advisors who wanted to provide personalized services and be able to recommend goods that match the needs of their clients while also telling them about product features such as ingredients, application techniques, and price.

About The Author

Khushbakht Kashif

Khushbakht Kashif


Miss Khushbakht has been a part of our faculty for a long time. She is a skin care specialist and knows the little details of skin quite well. Moreover, she is highly experienced and takes her work very seriously. She is active and is always well prepared for class to provide quality content. Miss Khushbakht maintains the ‘Learn and Fun’ balance in class to give you a learning and friendly environment. 

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