Beautician Salon Artist Course 3.0

PNY Pink believes in the supremacy of your dreams and endeavors to make them come true because we believe you can. PNY Pink is the leading Beautician training institute in Lahore that ensures the empowerment of women in this Beautician course in Lahore

Duration : 4 Months
Skill level: Beginner to Pro
Beautician Salon Artist Course 3.0

Course Description

Beautician Salon Artist Course 3.0 Course

This course is designed to make you stand out on your expertise and powerful skillset. In this professional course of the duration of 4 months, the trainee will be able to not only learn thoroughly but also will be able to get from beginner to pro level. At PNY Pink, we teach you the theories and techniques which is based on a strong foundation. In addition to regular classes from Monday to Friday, Masterclasses are also organized to guide you about market strategies and how to grow your business on a large scale. 

Hair Experts

From hair expertise to skin aesthetics, makeup expertise to salon and spa, we are dedicated to helping you transform your dreams into reality. 

For the first seven weeks, you will acquire hair anatomy, theory and analysis, color transformation, product knowledge, hair cuts and styling, keratin treatment, and much more.

Skin Expert 

Moving forward with skin dealing for 2 weeks, you will get basic to advanced levels in chemical peeling treatment, exfoliation, dead skin, BB glows skin treatment, skin micro-needling, ultra-sonic skin treatment, and other perks related to skin care treatment.

Makeup Expert  

After getting hold of skin treatment, we upgraded to makeup techniques for the next two weeks. It includes brush techniques and usage, bridal makeup look, nude and settled makeup, color correcting & concealing, makeup tools, product knowledge, eyebrow shaping, contouring, and far more. 

The next week is about basic skin and hair care comprising waxing, trendy facials, mini-pedicure, and so on. 

Importance of the course

The beautician course offered by PNY is a certified program that not only empowers women but also makes them familiar with the opportunities to grow independently. Being a beautician pulls off creativity over a wide range. Making yourself prominent with grooming and caring never goes out of style. Not only in Pakistan, but it has a vast scope in international countries professionally.

Apart from getting self-awareness, individuals will also learn how to deal with their clients. Satisfaction and trust of your client are noteworthy points for running a successful business. When it comes to leaving a positive impact on your customers and making them stick, PNY Pink got you covered.  

Why PNY?

After getting hold of concepts and techniques what comes next? Building and promoting your business. PNY Pink does not simply lead you through skills but also assists you in digitizing your business. It includes management of your salon, self-grooming and building self-confidence, crafting your skills seamlessly, YouTube promotion, and Henna Art. Moreover, we also provide 24/7 Whatsapp support

• Who wants to run or open a salon

• If you are interested in beauty and art. 

• If you want to adopt this as a profession

• Who wants to refine your skillsets

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