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Makeup Expert is an intensive 2 Weeks Course, Includes theoretical as well practical training. In this course students get to know the product knowledge to final makeup looks from basics. After completion of this course students will be able to start their own makeup salon OR get a Job in Makeup Salon.

Duration : 0 Months 2 Weeks
Skill level: Beginner to Pro

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Course Description

Certified Makeup Courses in Lahore Pakistan

Have you ever attended makeup courses in Lahore in pursuit of a practical answer on how to apply makeup to clients with various skin colors, skin types, and facial features, but were only taught the theory?

Then welcome to our course, which was lovingly developed for you by specialists!

This makeup course in Lahore is meant to assist anyone who enjoys makeup and wants to learn how to apply it flawlessly. This course will assist a novice in progressing to the Master's level; all that is required is patience and practice. This training will empower the beauty artist while also assisting the common lady in doing her makeup with confidence.


Specification of Make-up Artist Course

This session is for individuals who want to dive into the realm of cosmetics but aren't sure where to begin. You'll learn about different brushes and how to use them, as well as how to apply eye makeup, and foundation, and finish your look with lip color. Finally, we'll show you how to do your makeup on a daily basis.

This session is for anyone who is eager to learn and patient enough to practice. If you've never used a cosmetics brush before, don't be concerned.

Students who will join this make-up artist course will get knowledge of how to apply makeup to themselves, as well as makeup theory and a variety of tips and techniques.

You'll learn about skincare training, skin preparations, and primers, as well as foundations, skin undertones, coverage, and application. Producing a Natural Eye Makeup Look, Shaping Eyebrows by Applying False Lashes, and more by understanding the basic application techniques of Highlighting & Contouring, creating a Natural Eye Makeup Look, Shaping Eyebrows, and more.

Creating a Natural Eye Makeup Look, Shaping Eyebrows, Applying False Lashes, and other fundamental application techniques can help you enhance your personal beauty. You're already a pro and just want to practice applying different makeup techniques/looks to real-life clients with various facial features?

You've come to the correct site, too!

Leveling Up: It's time to put our newfound knowledge to work on various facial features, skin types, and skin shades through Professional Makeup Artistry Course.

These are the professional makeup courses for you if you are interested in beauty and makeup. You will learn how to apply professional daily makeup without needing to spend hours on training which will also cost money.

You will learn both how to make up other people and how to perform professional self-make-up with a syllabus that is highly adaptable to current needs.

A professional makeup artist course will teach you everything you need to know about working on what you enjoy and earning money from it, all while following a modern agenda that is tailored to current demands and laser-focused on your career.

From skin preparation to brow makeup, you'll be ready for a totally professional look at the end of this course.

You' ll be able to make up people for a special day, a photo session, a wedding, and more, as well as makeup oneself, using different products and techniques for different skin types and face types through Professional Makeup Artistry Course

This is the initial step before continuing your makeup artist training and committing to being:

In the worlds of television, cinema, or theater, make-up artist

Prepare for photo sessions.

In cosmetics or beauty stores, give advice.

Plus a lot more!

Salient Features of Make-up Courses 

There are some salient features of makeup courses in Pakistan that distinguish them from other courses.

• Know and understand all of the necessary products and utensils.

• Prep the skin to keep it from looking dry and glossy, as well as to help the makeup last longer.

• Apply a flawless base to achieve a uniform and natural-looking skin tone.

• Concealers can be used to hide flaws like dark circles.

• Use the blush that best suits your face and the occasion to highlight your cheekbones.

• Contour the face, highlighting prominent features while concealing others

• Make up the eyes and lips in the most appropriate colors for each type of skin, form, or occasion.

• Apply the finishing touches to the makeup until it's flawless, sealed, and long-lasting.

• Those that want to advance their careers in the makeup industry 

• Those who desire to concentrate their professional careers in the field of makeup

• Beginners in the makeup industry

• Beginners with some makeup experience Intermediates who want to brush up on their makeup theory

Because we believe you can, PNY Pink Pakistan No 1 Institute For Women believes in the supremacy of your dreams and works to make them a reality. In this makeup artist course in Lahore, PNY Pink is the foremost institute that ensures women's deliverance. The beauty market is thriving in the twenty-first century, and there is a pinnacle of competition, and PNY Pink gives you the opportunity to be the greatest version of yourself and make a mark in the industry. In the future, be your own boss and earn PNY Pink cosmetics credentials to prove your efforts.

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Aqsa Noman

Aqsa Noman


Internationally certified makeup and hair expert and educationist. Certified from AOFM... Having many certification from loreal, Nayla H, Kashee's, Christine and many more.. , Miss Aqsa Noman. Working in this field past 10 years... Work with many brands like coke studio artists. Did many shoots for brands and salon's. Run my own salon(2018-2021). Trained many women's and those are working in beauty field.

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