Be a Certified Make-up Artist

In this course you will learn Make-up Essentials, Day/Night Makeup Looks, Mehndi /Engagement/ Party Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Model Makeup, : Jewelry & Dress Styling & Consultation, Ayesha Sayeen Secret Makeup Techniques,

Duration : 1 Months 30 Days
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

Be a Certified Make-up Artist

PNY Pink bringing an excessive opportunity for our Ladies to enrich their makeup skills under the expertness of International Makeup Queen “Ayesha Sayeen”, hit the jackpot in the Beauty & Makeup industry with her unique style!!

Our Make-up Artist Course in Lahore will teach every little thing you want to know for starting your career by our expert. Get a bag of tricks this year!!

We believe you can! If you are a beginner not worry, courses are covering all sides of makeup.

The success of this course is beyond expectations. The candidates will learn from their mentor the makeup diva Ayesha Sayeen. Ayesha Sayeen has made her name in the makeup industry and she is humble enough to teach her magic tricks through the platform of PNY Pink which is providing makeup artist courses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

Makeup Artist Responsibilities:

- Enhancing facial aesthetics through makeup.

- Consulting with clients and creating custom looks based on their specifications.

- Removing makeup after usage on film sets.

- Working with actors on movie sets.

- Taking lighting and setting into account when applying makeup.

- Determining which materials and colors are the most suitable.

- Designing FX prosthetics according to special effects requirements.

- Working with costume designers, set designers, and stylists to ensure consistency.

- Having knowledge of different color palettes and design styles.

- Maintaining an awareness of the latest trends in beauty.

- Using models and fashion magazines as reference points.

- Understanding what a film director wants a character to look like.

- Having a diverse cosmetic toolkit.

- Consulting clients on their skincare routines.

- Operating within health and safety regulations.

Makeup Artist Requirements:

1. Experience in the beauty industry.

2. Experience with prosthetics for the film industry.

3. Understanding of stylistic elements of cinema, such as lighting.

4. Attention to detail.

5. Creative mindset.

6. Exceptional verbal communication and listening skills.

7. Excellent interpersonal skills.

Importance of the make-up artist:

We are living in a kind of world, where everybody wants to look attractive, beautiful and something different from others. In order to do this, people adhere to different chores such as wearing designer clothes, visiting gyms and spas, going to beauty parlors, etc.

Though everybody has the propensity to look alluring, some professions emphatically demand good looks. For instance, if you are in the fashion or entertainment industry, it becomes mandatory for you to maintain a good look for a maximum time. And, here is when the role of makeup artists becomes very crucial.

The professional makeup artists keep track of all the new makeup trends and will provide the brides with all the options of choosing a trend and creating a perfect look for their wedding. Blending makeup and creating a flawless look also requires the utmost training, which a professional makeup artist can do well. 

In fact, over the last decade or two, the demand for expert makeup artists has increased significantly. This has also led to the emergence of many short-term courses in PNY Pink. If you have completed a short-term or certificate course under the guidance of renowned makeup artists, you won’t have any shortage of work.

The well-established entertainment industry and rising interests in the modeling profession have ensured that trained makeup artists avail great benefits and opportunities. In a country like Pakistan, where a wedding is more than just an occasion, there is always a scope for makeup artists.

In short, if you are planning to be a makeup artist in Pakistan or elsewhere, you better undergo effective makeup artist training in Lahore. Below are given some of the skills and attributes needed to be a successful makeup artist:


Since a makeup artist is eventually an artist, she/he should have some basic knowledge of creating a variety of looks using design, color, and application together to make something beautiful.

Color Knowledge:

Before applying makeup, you are required to understand how someone’s skin tone relates to the color makeup you are applying. You need to know and understand your color wheel inside out. Makeup classes in PNY Pink at Arfa Karim Tower in Lahore will teach this information.

People Skills:

As a makeup artist, you work closely with customers for sustained periods, from initial consultations to the application. An important component in time-sensitive and stressful working situations, a makeup artist needs to be a good listener, friendly and efficient person.

If you want to get trained under the supervision and fruitful guidance of world-class makeup artists in PNY Pink, you can pursue makeup or hairstyling courses in Lahore.

PNY Pink is an institute that considers the necessities of youths and is now offering a Make-up Artist Course in Lahore. You can get your hands on this Make-up Artist short course in Lahore just by enrolling yourself. PNY Pink is a reputed institute all over Pakistan which offers a diversity of courses for the ease of the women of our country.

The success of this course is beyond expectations. The candidates will learn from their mentor the makeup diva Ayesha Sayeen. Ayesha Sayeen has made her name in the makeup industry and she is humble enough to teach her magic tricks through the platform of PNY Pink which is providing Make-up Artist courses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

  • Female and Teenage girls
  • Females who have an interest in the beauty industry
  • Women who want to launch their beauty salons
  • Housewives
  • Who want to earn through digital platforms

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Ayesha Sayeen


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