Hair Coloring & Treatment Level-I Course

PNY Pink offers Hair Coloring & Treatment Level-I Course. This 1 Week's Course covers all modules from Hair texture to Hair Treatment to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Duration : 0 Months 7 Days
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Hair Cutting classes from basics to Pro in Lahore, Pakisatn

Hair has for some time been a pointer of both social and expert status, and has additionally been worn in various styles to mean religion. Previously, ladies would wear their long hair tied up in expound styles – it was rarely free. Today, long hair is as yet seen as an image of youth and excellence; the style for hair cutting has overwhelmed the world, with numerous famous people donning long hair augmentations consistently.

Wearing hair extensions can prompt female going bald, as the weight is a weight on the scalp, and other outer elements can likewise prompt going bald in ladies, like the injury of labor or other upsetting circumstances throughout everyday life, like the separation of a relationship or loss.

Taking care of your hair is a really big responsibility and not everyone is able to endure it. Managing your hair is like a managing your whole personality. And for that you need to be an expert in that particular field. If you are a beginner or a basic level hair stylist you need to an analysis and take proper guidance from a respective institute offering Hair cutting classes from basic to pro in Lahore, Pakistan.

Getting your hair a really good cut can make it look healthy and attractive hundred times better than before. PNY Pink is one of the reputed institutions for women which are offering Hair cutting classes from basics to pro in Lahore, Pakistan.

We care for the future of the women of our country. We accommodate students with the best and expertise Instructors that will not only teach them but also help them in every aspect of their learning. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get yourself enrolled in this Hair cutting basic to pro course.


  • Females who have interest in beauty industry
  • Women who want to launch their beauty salons
  • Housewives
  • Who want to earn through digital platforms


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