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Our affordable professional hair training includes hands-on, detailed mastery of hair training, providing basic & professional hair technicalities.

Duration : 0 Months 2 Weeks
Skill level: Beginner to Pro

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Course Description

Professional Hair Cutting Course in Lahore 

Our best-advanced haircut training courses for females in Lahore, Pakistan will teach you how to become an expert in a variety of hairstyles, hair colours, and haircuts and how to use your imagination and newly acquired abilities to produce some of the most stunning hairstyles. Professional hair-cutting training in Lahore, Pakistan is introduced to assist you in becoming more confident in your abilities to please your customers/clients.

Advanced Hair-Cutting Training Course

The course content of advanced hair-cutting training is organized in an easy-to-follow format that teaches you the fundamentals before making headway to more sophisticated techniques in hairstyling. To improve your skills, the trendy hair-styling courses in Lahore for females offer high-quality, easy-to-follow training beginning from the fundamentals and gradually moving forward to a higher level as you continue your learning and keep progressing.

We will teach you basic and advanced hairstyling tips and tricks that will build a strong foundation of hands-on training in hairstyling. In addition to that, you will learn backcombing techniques, hair padding, hairstyles for parties and bridal styling.

Why Haircutting Training Courses?

Now we will give you an in-depth look at the part of the course covering haircutting techniques. From layering to step-cutting, the fundamentals of hair cutting are covered in our best Hair cutting training courses for females in Lahore. A collection of basic and intermediate haircuts, either eastern or Western styled cut as well as technique and theory tutorials, to help you achieve your goals are included in this course. We will concentrate on learning advanced scissor methods, knowing the shape and how it can be altered for each haircut etc.

Professional Hair Cut Course

Hair colouring is a part of the professional haircut training in Pakistan and it will incorporate principles of colouring hair, understanding colour theory and colour levels including colour connection techniques. You will learn emulsification, how to make your own colour, application and how to maintain hair dye. The advanced knowledge of highlights and lowlights will also be explained in this course.

Identifying Hair Problems & Their Cure in Hair Artistry Course

Apart from teaching the importance of a code of conduct, personal grooming and hygiene, we will give you an understanding of hair anatomy, hair growth, dandruff issues and hair loss problems including baldness and alopecia etc. Further, you will be explained how to identify and cure these problems at an advanced haircut training centre in Lahore, Pakistan

These hair-cutting classes in Lahore are for anyone who wants to improve their skills as a hairstylist and become more confident and creative. It is appropriate for all levels of players, from beginners to experts.

The importance of Hair Cutting Training Institute in Lahore

Haircut training classes for females in Pakistan are a kind of course that will lead to a profession that cuts across practically all cultural divides. Haircutting courses and skills are a globally recognized career path in the majority of countries. Aside from working in a variety of professional hair artistry career pathways within the country, you can also avail yourself of the option to go abroad and continue working in the same job role.

This Hair cut training course for females in Pakistan was designed to teach students who want to learn how to cut, dye, style or care for their hair. The course is divided into several sections that cover every aspect that you are interested in exploring.

The majority of people have no idea how to bring in new clients and are unaware of the importance of referral programs and courses. We have introduced this course to teach you how to enhance your relationship with your clients and leave a positive impact. This course will keep you inspired, enhance your practice and enable you to achieve huge success.

Hair Cutting Training Institute in Lahore

PNY PINK is the best Hair Cutting Training Institute that strives to bring all passionate females of Pakistan to learn the finest skills to let their passion become a profession. We are providing a platform for our females to provide them opportunities to let them grow and empower professionally. This is the reason we have introduced a professional hair-cutting course for females in Pakistan to let our females groom and enhance their skills and abilities.

We will provide you with a learning environment in which you will be able to enhance your skills. Moreover, you will be provided with skilled instructors so that you are able to polish your skills professionally. You are invited to get enrolled and explore this course in haircutting; as the name implies, it is a creative course with a high-flying kick!

Other Branches of PNY PINK

For the comfort of our females, we have opened various branches in Lahore city to keep our females at ease. There is no need to go too far off places because we are offering Hair cutting courses for Females in Lahore at Ferozepur Road Lahore, Iqbal Town Lahore, Johar Town Lahore and Gulberg Lahore. Moreover, the institute has further extended its short courses and diplomas in Rawalpindi and is progressing to step into other cities shortly including Karachi and Islamabad.

Additionally, you can go for online courses if you are based in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Azad Kashmir and numerous other cities in Pakistan. We are trying our best to provide you with technical and skill-based courses to help you to create a difference in society.

This Haircutting one-week certified course in Lahore is designed for those who want to make their career in this field.

• Students who are beginners but want to become professionals can join us through this course.

• Newly graduated cosmetologists who wish to increase their clientele and fill their schedules can join us.

• Those who are passionate about cutting hair and stylists who want to increase their professionalism

• Students who are in and out of Lahore can join us through online and physical classes.

PNY Pink is the place to come if you're looking for a new interest and want to build yourself as an entrepreneur.

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Khushbakht Kashif

Khushbakht Kashif


Miss Khushbakht has been a part of our faculty for a long time. She is a skin care specialist and knows the little details of skin quite well. Moreover, she is highly experienced and takes her work very seriously. She is active and is always well prepared for class to provide quality content. Miss Khushbakht maintains the ‘Learn and Fun’ balance in class to give you a learning and friendly environment. 

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