Certified Hair Artistry Course

Our affordable PROFESSIONAL hair training includes hands-on, detailed MASTERY of hair training, providing basic & professional hair technicalities. This course also provides professional hair training covering haircuts (regular, western, eastern), hair colorist (theory, hands on, tests) hair problems and their cure, selection of products, tools usage, selection of tools, what makes a PRO expert. The course is balanced between theory, demonstrations and hands-on practical lessons.

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

Specification of haircut classes in Lahore 

Haircut classes in Lahore is a kind of profession that cuts across practically all cultural divides. Haircutting courses and skills are a globally recognized career path in the majority of countries. Aside from working in a variety of Certified Hair Artistry career pathways within the country, you also have the option to go and work in the same role abroad.

These haircut classes in Lahore was designed to teach students who want to learn how to do hairstyles. The course is divided into several sections that cover the information you'll need.

Techniques you will get from hair cutting training course in Pakistan

Our hair cutting training course in Pakistan will teach you how to become familiar with a variety of hairstyles and how to use your imagination and newly acquired abilities to produce some of the most stunning hairstyles. The Top Artistic Hair Design course will assist you in building confidence in your ability to please your customers/clients. The Professional Hair Artistry Course in Lahore is for anyone who wants to improve their skills as a hairstylist and become more confident and creative. It is appropriate for all levels of players, from beginners to experts.

This hair cutting course is organized in an easy-to-follow format that teaches you the fundamentals before progressing to more sophisticated techniques in hairstyling

To aid your study, the Professional Hair Artistry Course in Lahore offers high-quality, easy-to-follow videos, physical and best online hairdressing courses in Lahore. It is organized in such a way that it begins with the fundamentals and gradually increases in difficulty as you continue your learning by joining training sessions in hair cutting course

We will teach you all hair styling tips and tricks that will lead to a strong foundation of hands-on training in hairstyling. The majority of people have no idea how to bring in new clients and are unaware of the importance of referral programs.

You'll learn not only how to attract new customers, but also how to keep them for a long time.

The best way to increase your client base is to learn to nurture the ones you already have. They'll book with you more frequently, buy more products from you, refer their friends to you, and tip you more generously. The trick is to master the skill of cultivating positive relationships with your current clientele, as this is the key to expanding your business.

An in-depth look at components of hair cutting. From layering to skin fades, the fundamentals of hair cutting are covered. A collection of basic and intermediate haircuts, as well as technique and theory tutorials, to help you achieve your goals. Many hours of class tutorials are included in this course, as well as additional resources such as diagrams to enhance your learning and refer to as needed. We concentrate on getting it right the first time, learning advanced scissor methods from the beginning, knowing shape and how it can be altered for each haircut, and fading techniques that work on all hair types.

Explore this diploma in hair cutting; as the name implies, it's a creative course with a high-flying kick! This is not for the faint of heart! This training, we believe, will be beneficial to your creative endeavors. We'll take you through the process step by step, eliminating any guessing and saving you time. With these simple instructions, which are suited for people who have already begun.

Staying confident and believing in yourself and your abilities to succeed will be crucial in the creative industry! And, as long as you're inspired, keep studying so you can go back, practice, reevaluate, and achieve huge success!

Keeping it creative, where are you now? Join the other students who have already enrolled in this course.

Tips & Techniques you should take in hair cutting course

Make incredible hairstyles that are perfect for your creative expression!

Preparing and keep practicing on all hair styling techniques

Make your social media pages seem fantastic.

Concentrate on building your confidence and practicing with these free tutorials.

Let's be successful together; if I can assist you in learning, it'll be a win-win situation. That is my guiding principle.

Take advantage from our hair cutting training institute in Lahore.

For all other up-styles, learn how to prep and set your hair and why it's important!

Braids that are simple to style

Perfect simplicity skills for your takeaway

Timeless Elegant Bun


  • Hairdressers
  • Background as a hairstylist and an artist
  • Recent Cosmetology Graduates that want to expand their clientele and stay booked
  • Stylists who desire to up their game in terms of professionalism.
  • Students at the Beauty School
  • Hairdressing students who are just starting out.
  • Anyone who is just starting out in their job and wants to advance.
  • Those with a passion for hair cutting.
  • Someone who wants to pick up a new creative side gig.
  • Anyone looking for a new hobby should come here.

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Ans Shafqat

Ans Shafqat


Internationally Qualified Hair Expert & Hair Doctor. working in beauty industry from past consecutive 15 years. He started his journey from UK Toni & guy, Then it started going on with the big names Jammal hammadi (Sydney), Tarek Pizk ( Lebanon), In Pakistan! worked for Mehreen Syed as a head of the hair department & instructor. He was country head of education for depilex group of companies & worked as an educationist L'Oreal professional for Lahore. Designed level 4 courses for NAVT C, TEVTA, GIZ. have trained 2000 students of NAVTAC, TEVTA, GIZ, PSDF. Trained the master trainers of TEVTA Pakistan. He has around 10k+ students working all over the globe.

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