Mehndi Designing Expert Course

In this course, you will learn Basics of mehndi designs, Tricks to improvise your mehndi designs and learn new skills and be more creative, Perfecting the grids and how to make your work easier yet beautiful, Improvement in your mehndi business through social media, Making your social media handles impressive, Gain followers thus having more clients.

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

How to become a Mehndi Designer and make your own Unique Ravishing Mehndi Designs as a professional

PNY Pink introduced another course especially for the women of our society, the Mehndi designing Expert course in Lahore. The purpose of this course is to provide a platform to those women who want to learn skills and be a part of this practical environment of entrepreneurs.

It is the best Mehndi Designing course in Lahore, Pakistan with the best and skilled trainers, who not merely guide you but will practically provide you the exposure so you can open your own Mehndi center or get the training or a job in any reputed Mehndi center. With the launch of this course, PNY Pink will be one of the best Mehndi designing courses in Lahore with the respective field expertise instructors or trainers.

Mehndi Designing course in Lahore, Pakistan is aimed at women who want to know more about Mehndi but are not sure from where to begin. This is a great course for beginners and for those who want to learn new existing techniques. Mehndi is a temporary tattoo that is used throughout the world as part of weddings or cultural traditions sometimes referred to as mehndi or mayoun. Although this was an old custom it has become a very popular skill to learn over the years especially outside its traditional Middle Eastern and Southern Asian base. In Pakistan, Mehndi is a Very Rich Culture and at the same time, Mehndi/henna is a very ancient culture in Pakistan.

About Mehndi Designer course

As we know the economic situation and financial condition getting saturated, at this time it is necessary for almost everyone to have some real skills. It contributes to having a stable financial condition and plays a part in the overall country’s economy. The number of entrepreneurs is not enough in our country and students more often switch towards jobs instead of running their own venture. In all such circumstances, PNY Pink has the vision to provide skills knowledge to the students and motivate them to contribute to the business sector.


1.  Basics of mehndi designs.

2. Tricks to improvise your mehndi designs and learn new skills and be more creative.

3. Perfect the grids and how to make your work easier yet beautiful.

4. Improvement in your mehndi business through social media.

5.  Making your social media handles impressively.

6.  Gain followers thus having more clients.


PNY PINK is one of the reputed institutions in Pakistan that are offering courses for female students. We have a team of professionals coming from every field and helping students to understand the technical details in depth. The institution aims to come up with all high-end courses for the learners so they can compete in the real zone.

The reason to initiate the Mehndi designing short course is to provide an opportunity for females to prove their talent and be able to run their house expenses. We want to make females self-employed. It is not only a chance for the existing business professionals but the people who aim to do big and be a part of mainstream business.

The success of this course is beyond expectations. The candidates will learn from their mentor the makeup diva Ayesha Sayeen. Ayesha Sayeen has made her name in the makeup industry and she is humble enough to teach her magic tricks through the platform of PNY Pink which is providing Mehndi designing short course.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer online classes for the program?

At PNY, we do accommodate students with online classes under certain conditions. Normally, all the lectures and materials are available for students to access the learning management system.

2. Can I use the course training in the practical job market?

Yes, after completing the course, you will be able to work as an Amazon store manager or business manager for any company. It will open up your chances of employment along with entrepreneurship.

3. What is the duration of the mehndi training course?

The total duration of the course is 1 month. We complete all courses within a given time unless any unfortunate conditions may cause a delay. If you miss anything, you will be able to catch it up from the online resources.

4. Do I need to take regular classes?

Most of our courses are divided into specific days. Once you will confirm the enrollment, you will be notified about the class timings and days as well.

Mehndi designing course is specially design for those females who have passion to learn and earn. If you have a creative mind, mehndi designing course is  for you. It includes all technical information from basic cone handling to create excellent designs. Although it is a technical art business but you can learn these techniques and expand your work to earn.

About The Author

Zenobia Tariq

Zenobia Tariq


Our mehndi instructor Zenobia is a professional mehndi artist an example of a successful and most creative artist who has chosen this field which is not considered to be a stable profession or stable way of earning for life or very rarely people choose it as a career. Sad but true. But she has succeeded. SO here is your chance to learn the basics tips and tricks on how to start working professionally both with mehndi application improvise your designs, growing your social media handles, making clients and management and lot more from our expert and become a professional and successful mehndi artist.

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