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In food catering course, you will learn How to manage cooking and catering at a time, Covers all the modules needed to catering business, Explore a wide range of food and catering techniques including costing budgeting.

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Basic

Course Description

Specification of food catering course in Lahore, Pakistan

Food catering is a service that makes and provides food to the customer's location. They have to specialize in integrating a variety of foods from all around the world keeping in mind the people with different cultures and tastes. And also see about the health of people as well as environmental sustainability. Only use fresh and fine ingredients while providing catering services to our clients.

In this modern and fast growing era, working women can’t find time for cooking. We spend a lot of our time on social media watching delicious recipes. We want to try it but don’t know how to do it, and then we feel the need for a food catering course in Lahore.

Food Catering is the business of providing food to any place, it can be home, hospital, university, or hostels. It is the most renowned and profit-generating business. There is very little chance of having a loss in the food business as it is one of the most essential needs of humans. Whether you are attending a wedding ceremony or you are attending the funeral of someone, food is the only thing which is available on every occasion, if you want to start your own business in Food Catering then join PNY Pink and start your course of food catering course in Lahore, Pakistan

Different types of Catering Services

If you want to start planning for an event then you have to know about the different types of catering options available to you. The reason is that each type is different from other types of planning, pricing, and ordering procedures. In this way, you will not only save time and money but will help you simplify the menu choices and know about the type of services that you will need. In the food catering course in Pakistan learn all the basic and advanced skills of catering.

1. Corporate Catering

Corporate catering provides food and drinks to business and corporate functions. The functions may range from onsite, small office gatherings to offsite, upscale dinners. The function cost of a corporate catering event will also depend on the size and level of the function being hosted.

The important thing is that some corporate functions have a cultured base and some are relaxed. So, you have to hire a company that specializes in serving these types of functions. You have enrolled yourself in a food catering course in Pakistan, to achieve the best skills of it.

Below are some types of Corporate Catering here:

-  Breakfast

-  Luncheons and Barbecues

-  Conventions, Tradeshows, and Conferences

-  Board Meetings

-  Product Launches

2. Wedding Catering

For the couple's lives, the wedding is an important event. You have to know about all members of the wedding team crew like the DJ, bride and groom, vendors and photographers, and timing detail. Wedding catering is one step higher than cooking and serving food and is highly responsible for some décor, table arrangements, and food presentation. A first-class wedding caterer takes over the logistical planning so that the couple and their guests can fully enjoy a stress-free day of the wedding.

Types of Wedding Catering:

- A Plated, Sit-Down Dinner

- Family-Style Dinner

- Buffet Style

- Food Stations

- Cocktail Receptions

3. Social Event Catering

Social event functions are more intimate affairs and need more attention to detail by the caterer.  Special events include birthday parties, retirement celebrations, grand openings, housewarming parties, and bridal and baby showers. Social event catering packages are appetizers, décor, bartenders, and servers. Due to their small nature, social event catering menus differ from party to party. You can join a food catering short course from PNY Pink.

Types of Social Events Catering mentioned below:

- Stationary Platters

- Hors D’oeuvres

- Small Plates and Stations

- Three-Course Plated Dinner

- Buffet

- Outdoor BBQ

PNY Pink offers the best Food catering course in Lahore, Pakistan in which we’ll teach you different benefits, and techniques and cover different ideas of the Food Catering Course and make you able to start your own business. We have a team of professionals who helps the students to understand the technical details in-depth.

The main purpose of teaching a Food catering Courses is to motivate all those people who love cooking and can manage their catering business well. In this course, you’ll learn how to start your catering career in a professional way, how to deliver food, and how to provide quality and hygienic food.

The reason to initiate the food catering courses is to provide an opportunity for females to grow and run their houses. It is not only a chance for the existing business professionals but the people who aim to do big and be a part of mainstream business.

Course Objectives:

- How to manage cooking and catering at a time.

- Covers all the modules needed for catering to the business.

- Explore a wide range of food and catering techniques including costing budgeting.

- Variation of trends techniques basic or advanced.

- Enhance your confidence in the food catering business.

How you can run your own successful catering business?

PNY Pink brings a professional Food Catering Courses in which females experience a tasteful journey with cuisines from around the world including Mexican, Chinese, Continental, Italian, French, and more! Some of the best chefs will be there to teach you the best Food Catering Course in Lahore, Pakistan in a creative way. So what are you waiting for? Go and register yourself for this course as we have limited seats available.

If you want to start a business catering and have a passion for this field then it's time to start your own business food catering and our institute provides the facility of food catering courses in Lahore. Here, are some steps that are very helpful to becoming a businessman.

1. Find your specialty.

2. Investigate local licensing and permits.

3. Create your menu.

4. Plan your location.

5. Get ready to buy equipment.

6. Prepare a business plan.

7. Create an affordable marketing strategy for your catering company.

8. Choose a business structure.

9. Name your business.

10. Get insured

11. Start bookkeeping ASAP

After following the above steps, you can develop your own business. Your interest and our instructor are both important to improving this business from a small level to a high.


This course is specially designed for females because it’s your passion & no prior knowledge or skills are required to participate. Upon completion of this food catering course in Lahore, females will have the skills they need to easily cook and provide catering services. These skills can be refined and expanded to run a food catering business as an expert. It is although a technical business as it requires proper management. This course is great for all females who want to be a food baking expert!

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Sama Nadeem

Sama Nadeem


Sama Nadeem our catering chef instructor a real gem and inspiring women for who want to start their catering business. Her passion was to start own business. She loves to cook. Now making her name in catering industry. She owns a catering company with aim to serve people hygienic and healthy food. We joint hand to not only to teach women catering skill but also making them independent and confident to step up and start their businesses.

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