Professional Baking Expert Course

In this course, you will learn How to make baked goods at home without oven, Getting familiar with baking tools and ingredients, Tips, tricks and hacks related to baking, Creating basic to advance recipes, Basic cake decorating techniques, How to start your own home-based baking business.

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

Baking is a technique for planning food that utilizes dry warmth, regularly in a broiler, yet should likewise be possible in hot remains, or on hot stones. The most widely recognized heated thing is bread however numerous different sorts of food varieties are prepared. Warmth is slowly moved from the outside of cakes, treats, and bread to their middle. As warmth goes through, it changes hitters and batters into prepared merchandise and more with a firm dry covering and a milder focus. Heating can be joined with flame broiling to deliver a mixture grill variation by utilizing the two techniques at the same time, or consistently. Heating is identified with grilling on the grounds that the idea of the stonework broiler is like that of a smoke pit.

Flour, water, and raising specialists are the fixings basically answerable for the trademark appearance, surface, and kind of most bread shop items. Eggs, milk, salt, shortening, and sugar are powerful in altering these characteristics, and different minor fixings may likewise be utilized. Mostly these ingredients are used in baking. You can learn more after doing Professional Baking Expert Course.

In an unpredictable and rapidly growing world, Women found their own way in the cooking realm. The baking course is one of those innovations. We spend a lot of our time on social media and in the end, there are very few chances to have something tangible. Baking, whereas, is basically an alternative to this. It’s physical. It is indeed a profession that is not gender-specific. Watching delicious and mouthwatering recipes on the internet, somehow, we all want to try it out but do not have any idea how to do it.

After taking this into consideration, PNY Pink is offering the most effective and enjoyable Baking Expert short Course in Lahore, Pakistan. The main purpose of this Professional Baking course is to educate people in the field of baking, make their own recipes, and be able to run a business as a baking expert. We want that every person who loves baking and has an excellent mind should learn about how to make and test recipes without money loss and be able to run their business in baking.


  • Do you really love baking but using the oven is always difficult for you? Choose to become a Foodpreneur & get a certified start to your successful food venture.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of the baking course are:

  1. How to make baked goods at home without an oven.

  2. Getting familiar with baking tools and ingredients.

  3. Tips, tricks, and hacks related to baking

  4. Creating basic to advance recipes.

  5. Basic cake decorating techniques.

  6. How to start your own home-based baking business.

Despite the correlation between certification and competence, there is still a huge demand for certifications. PNY Pink is offering certification courses that are outselling the other courses by more than 10 times.


PNY PINK is one of the reputed institutions in Pakistan that are offering courses for female students. We have a team of professionals coming from every field and helping students to understand the technical details in depth. The institution aims to come up with all high-end courses for the learners so they can compete in the real zone.

The reason to initiate the Baking Expert short Course in Lahore is to provide an opportunity for females to grow and run their houses. It is not only a chance for the existing business professionals but the people who aim to do big and be a part of mainstream business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer online classes for the program?

At PNY, we do accommodate students with online classes under certain conditions. Normally, all the lectures and materials are available for students to access the learning management system.

Can I use the course training in the practical job market?

Yes, after completing the course, you will be able to work as a baking expert and will be able to run your own business. It will open up your chances of employment along with entrepreneurship.

What is the duration of the course?

The total duration of the course is 1 month. We complete all courses within a given time unless any unfortunate conditions may cause a delay. If you miss anything, you will be able to catch it up from the online resources.

Do I need to take regular classes?

Most of our courses are divided into specific days. Once you will confirm the enrollment, you will be notified about the class timings and days as well.

Another city where PNY offers this course?

PNY is offering a baking expert course in Rawalpindi.


This course is specially designed for absolute beginner’s females, & no prior knowledge or skills are required to participate. Upon completion of this baking course, females will have the skills they need to easily bake at home without oven. These skills can be refined and expanded upon to include learning other types of baking to run a business as an expert. It is although a technological process but you can bake without ovens. This course is great for all females who want to be a baking expert!

About The Author

Maham Tariq

Maham Tariq


Maham our baking instructor is a real example that if you wont to do something nothing can stop you. Your passion and dedication finds its own way and you keep learning from trials and errors. Maham is a self taught baker and a certified pastry chef from COTHM Karachi. She learnt the basics of baking from her aunt and did so without the standard equipment required for it i.e an oven. She kept working and practicing until she became an expert in the field and started wooing professionally in the culinary industry. Now she is working with us as an instructor and sharing her knowledge with females and encouraging them to start their own home based business.

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