FONDANT Cake Baking & Designing

In this course you will learn to bake exquisite bakery items including cakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies etc. without using an oven. Further, you will be learning how to decorate the baked items as well as about different baking tools and baking hacks.

Duration : 0 Months 2 Weeks
Skill level: Basic

Course Description

Baking Short Courses in Lahore

You know what they say; ‘Good Food Changes the Mood.’ We agree to it one hundred percent. The Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore is introduced by PNY PINK to learn and bake some exciting new recipes. This course focuses on teaching you to bake without the use of an oven. Many females want to run a home-based bakery business, this course can prove to be a good learning experience to start a business with an affordable start-up cost.

We will begin the Professional Baking short Course in Lahore by introducing you to the basics of baking. You will be learning the techniques of how to measure the ingredients and adapt different mixing methods etc. Further, we will teach you how to bake a perfect chocolate cake and how to cover it with frosting and make decorations. Mouth-watering – Isn’t it?

Looking to try something Exciting?

The Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore does not end with baking a chocolate cake. You will be learning to bake cupcakes, cake pops, and cakesicles along with different tips for decorating them. This course will be teaching you how to make a variety of icings by adding different food colors and learning to use different icing nozzles.

The Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore is a well-designed course to make you learn how to bake different flavours of cookies and signature chocolate fudge brownies. You will be trained how to store unbaked cookie and brownie batches as well. Adding to your expertise, this course will teach you to make an exquisite brownie tower.

Glazed cakes and Cheesecakes:

Who does not want to be an expert in making a superb rich tasting cheesecake? The Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore will teach you a perfect recipe for how to melt hearts with a no-bake cheesecake. The course also involves training on how to make sugar glaze, and walnut carrot glazed cake by mixing and matching different flavors.

In addition to that, you will learn to make different shapes of cakes including alphabet and numbered-shaped cakes. Royal icing, fondant icing, sugar cookies, choux paste, eclairs and mousse, etc. everything will be learned in the Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore.

How to Plan your Baking Venture?

To run a home-based business as a bake-preneur, the Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore is perfect to learn different tips and tricks of how to set and run a home-based baking venture. You will be learning different decoration techniques, and packaging ideas as well as budgeting and planning for your start-up.

Baking Short Course in Lahore

The Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore is introduced to enhance the skills of the females who want to make their way in the baking realm. The importance of this skill cannot be underestimated with the growing number of bakeries, dessert cafes, takeaways, home-based baking businesses etc.

A baking course can teach you everything starting from the basics and moving onto advanced baking recipes. Moreover, you will learn the use of tools and decoration techniques to make good tasting as well as good looking cakes and desserts to make yourself stand out.

Apart from kick-starting a baking career, this course will help you to boost up your self-confidence, your knowledge of using different ingredients together with learning the measurements as well.


PNY PINK is one of the well-reputed institutions in Pakistan that is offering courses for female students. We have a team of professionals coming from expert fields, teaching students to understand the technical details in depth. The institution aims to come up with all high-end courses for females so they can compete and excel in the real zone.

The reason to initiate the Professional Baking Expert Course in Lahore is to provide an opportunity for females to grow and run their own businesses. Not only is it a worthy chance for the existing business professionals but for the beginners as well, who aim to do big to become a part of this mainstream business.


After taking the idea of running a home-based baking business into consideration, PNY Pink is offering an effective and enjoyable Professional Baking Expert Course in Pakistan. The main purpose of this course is to educate people learning the skill of baking, making their own recipes and be able to run a business as a baking expert. We want that every person who loves baking and has a creative mind should learn about how to make and test recipes and be able to run their business in baking.

If you really love baking but using an oven has always been difficult for you, choose to become a bake-preneur & get a certified start to your successful bake venture by getting enrolled in the Professional Baking Expert Course in Pakistan.

This course is particularly designed for absolute beginner’s having no prior knowledge or skills. Upon completion of this baking course, females will be equipped with the skills that are required to easily bake at home without using oven. These skills can be refined and enhanced including practising and becoming experienced to run a business as an expert. This course is great for all females who want to spend happy times in baking!

About The Author

Sunniya Ali Khan

Sunniya Ali Khan


This is Chef Sunniya Ali Khan a baking and cooking enthusiast. I started my own home-based business SunBunBakes in 2016 but I’ve been baking since long before that. I got my professional training from Scafa and after that, I’ve been passionately working in the field. I believe perfection is a fantasy and a mirage. So my goal in life is to steadily increase my learning and build every day and eventually spread the knowledge that I’ve gained.

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