Advanced Virtual Assistance Course for Females

This course is specifically designed for females to teach the task and services that a virtual assistant provides. You will be learning the detailed concepts of niche selection, product & keyword research, client dealing and knowledge of freelancing platforms etc. to kick-start your career.

Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Basic

Course Description

In this course, you will be learning the important principles and techniques that will assist you to become a successful virtual assistant. We have designed this Virtual Assistance Course for Females to be highly effective in earning quality virtual assistant positions that can help women to stay empowered.

What will you learn in the Virtual Assistance Course for Females in Lahore?

We will be starting this course by introducing the virtual assistant, her tasks and services along with the job opportunities and scope of the virtual assistance for females. You will further be detailed about niche selection, keyword research and SEO optimization of those keywords.

This Virtual Assistance Course for Females in Lahore is specifically focused to teach our females the product research and product hunting techniques enabling them to find a super-profitable product to sell their services profitably as well. In addition to that, a great focus will be laid on giving you the knowledge of competitor analysis and market research.

Since our female learners will need a platform to sell their services as well, therefore we have included a class for helping you to create business-optimized profiles on Fiverr and Upwork etc. We will equip you with the knowledge of effective proposal writing techniques. Moreover, we will teach you how to build a strong presence on LinkedIn to reach out to potential clients.

We will try our best to enhance and polish your skills to become a skilled Virtual Assistant through our Virtual Assistance Course for Females in Lahore. We are motivating our females to master the art of selling on e-commerce platforms. And we believe, our females can conquer the field.


A virtual assistant job requires only two things; a laptop and an internet connection. That’s it. It is a good employment opportunity that can be availed and done from the comfort of your own home. One of the biggest advantages of opting for this course is that proceeding in this field does not necessitate any investment. All it necessitates is the knowledge of account management skills.

The Virtual Assistance Course for Females in Lahore was initiated to empower our women to become their own bosses keeping in mind their home-based responsibilities. Whether you are a student, a housewife, a single mother or a working parent looking for ways to increase your income, this Virtual Assistance Course for Females in Pakistan is best for you. The in-depth training of Virtual Assistance Course will work wonders for you who is ready to make the transition from a low-paying job to becoming her own boss.


In recent years, we have seen a clear hype in the Virtual Assistance job opportunities. This is due to the prevailing scope of this career. Since the e-commerce platforms are taking over the traditional businesses therefore the scope of the Virtual Assistant career is not going to slow down. Moreover, virtual assistants with top skills are in high demand in the market. The demand for experienced virtual assistants is projected to rise as working from home becomes more and more accepted by both employees and businesses.

This course is particularly ideal for persons who wish to work from anywhere at any time as it is a remote-based job that requires you to have access to a laptop and an internet connection. Isn’t it convenient? Most of the females have set an example of an outclass success in Virtual Assistance and are featured in the success stories, and PNY Pink strongly believes that you can too.


PNY Pink has always strived to provide what is best for our females. We want our females to be seen as business women. Therefore we have designed this course, particularly for females. We assure you to provide professional learning as well as a friendly environment. You will be able to master this skill in a month. We have designed the course content for this skill keeping in view the demands and requirements of the popular e-commerce selling platform. This course is for all students, graduates, freelancers, and all other females who want to earn by working in their spare time. 

The course will wrap up by giving you certificates based on your performance and completion of your assignments and workbook. We are trying our best to provide you with technical and skill-based courses to help you to create a difference in society.


We are proud to say that we have experienced and trained instructors that will give you in-depth knowledge of ecommerce platforms and VA related matters as well as hands-on practices of different tools. Further, the Virtual Assistance Course for Females in Lahore is led by experts of their fields who have experience and certifications in respective fields. You will be eagerly learning under the supervision of these instructors who will provide learning as well as a friendly environment to polish your skills and enhance your abilities.

It is a good chance to avail the Virtual Assistance Course for Females in Lahore at Iqbal Town Branch. We assure you that you will be completely satisfied with our training and services because we believe that women striving to learn skills or become financially independent can create a huge impact in a society.


  • Females interested in a home-based job
  • Females looking to start up their own small business
  • Females looking for a part-time job

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