How to Make Biryani Step By Step

How to Make Biryani Step By Step

How to Make Biryani Step By Step

The traditional dishes are more mouthwatering, especially rice, which is a more in-demand food item all over the world. And there are a variety of dishes that can be made with rice that almost everyone likes and that have different tastes as well. Vegetable rice, pulao, biryani, and many other categories vary according to traditions and taste.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can traditionally make biryani and how to add spices that make it delicious. You can take cooking classes to better understand how to make it perfectly through practical preparation. This is not a complicated dish to make, but there is a need to focus while making it to cook the rice perfectly because the rice is the overall main ingredient in the dish. So when it is perfectly cooked, it has a better taste.

The ingredients are the main part of every dish, so we need to make everything available before cooking the dish so that there will be no hassle at the time of making the dish.

We will tell you about some major ingredients in this blog that are necessary to add to create the taste of biryani. So let’s discuss the ingredients that we will use to prepare the biryani.

Ingredients used in Biryani:

• Oil and ghee are used for flavor and variation, respectively.

• Onions: use a thin slice of finely chopped onions.

• Bone-in, cut-up, skinless chicken: pre-cut-up pieces of a whole chicken; but bone-in chicken thighs too.

• Whole spices: An extensive amount of whole flavors brings a different taste to the biryani.

• Garlic and ginger: use a tablespoon for each of these or use a food processor to crush them.

• Tomatoes: While biryani has lots of sour ingredients like yogurt, dried plums, and lemon, keeping the tomatoes to a minimum gives it just the right amount of flavor.

• Yogurt: Not only does a yogurt dressing make the chicken tastier, but it also makes cooking the biryani much more even.

• Rice: long-grain rice that you can find at some grocery stores.

• Dried plums: these sweets are frequently used in biryani to give it a sugary, tangy taste.

 How to Make Chicken Biryani

This recipe is as relaxed as an accurate biryani recipe can be, with no additional or tedious steps that don’t give it too much taste. You’ll find that, though it takes time, most of it is inactive cooking time. And the outcome is moderately sustained and impressive.

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil (or ghee) in a 3-liter pressure cooker or a thick-bottomed pan. Add the chicken and the following listed flavors and cook them till they boil and become aromatic:

• 12 teaspoons of caraway seeds; replace them with 12 teaspoons of cumin seeds in their place.

• 1 tej patta (bay leaf)

• 3 to 4 cloves

• 4 to 5 black peppercorns

• 1 small star anise, optional

• 1-inch cinnamon

• 3 to 4 green cardamoms

• 2 to 3 single strands of mace

Now let’s discuss the step of making the biryani at home;

• First, you need to take a pan or pressure cooker if you want to cook in a hurry, otherwise, you can take a cooking pan for biryani.

• Now add oil to the pan and let it heat down, then add some ginger and garlic paste, coriander leaves, and chopped mint leaves and stir them for a few seconds so they develop the fragrance. 

• Now add the chopped onions and sauté them till they get a little brown.

• Now add the chicken to the pan and stir until the chicken changes color. 

• Now add the tomatoes that you have chopped and blend them, depending on your taste. We add it to get the gravy.

• Now add 1 cup of water because the chicken, onion, and tomatoes also leave the water.

• Before closing the lid, you can add all the spices so that the gravy properly prepares when you take off the lid.

• Now cover the lid and let the ingredients cook for 15 to 20 minutes on a medium flame.

• Till then, you can prepare the rice: you can add the rice to it, or you can separately prepare the rice and then add it to the chicken; it's your choice.

Rice Preparation

The white rice is very easy to prepare, just soak the rice for 30 minutes before preparing it. 

• Now take a pan for the rice to boil, and add water to it for 1.5 to 2.5 cups. The water limit is how much rice you are going to boil. 

• Now add salt according to the rice quantity, and also keep in mind that you add salt to the chicken gravy as well, so add that quantity so it won’t get sour at the end. 

• Now that the water is sufficiently boiled, add the soaked rice to it and stir once so the rice mixes well in the water.

• Now, on high flame, boil the rice till it becomes fluffy and comes to the surface.

• When you check that the rice is cooked properly, lower the flame and keep the pan on ingestion.

• After 10 minutes, turn the flame off.

• Meanwhile, you need to check the chicken gravy, till now, your chicken is also amazingly fully cooked.

• Now it’s the main part. You need to add the layers of chicken and rice one by one and then add some biryani masala or the Zarda range for the yellow color of the rice.

• And keep them on low heat for 10 minutes.

• Your biryani is ready to serve; you can serve it with raita or salad, and enjoy your day. 

• You can take a cooking course to learn about the perfect way to make biryani.

Sum Up:

Traditional dishes are more in demand, and rice is especially a popular food all over the world. You can get biryani at restaurants; they have a different taste just because of the spices and ingredients they add in quantities different from home cooking. So try this recipe once, and you will love to make the biryani for the family. 


Jun 19, 2023