Learn To Make Malai Boti with Recipe

Learn To Make Malai Boti with Recipe

How To Make Malai Boti with Recipe

Chicken is the most commonly used meat with which you can make any kind of delicious dish that is tender and juicy. This is easy to make and quick to crumble, so there are thousands of dishes that you can make with the chicken. 

In this blog, we will discuss one of the yummiest and mouth-watering dishes, which is Chicken Malai Boti, which is so juicy and tender to eat. This is the simplest and easiest recipe, where you just chuck in a combination of main grocery store ingredients to the chicken and let it cook perfectly. An excessive plate to make for parties or family dinners.

Malai Boti, also called Malai Tikka, are easily melt-in-the-mouth portions of boneless chicken steeped in a slightly spiced cream paste prepared with fresh basil. The chicken is so juicy to relish with green chutney as a starter or put into parathas or wraps for a full mealtime. You can lattice, bake, or pan-fry this multipurpose dish.

You can do a cooking course to learn more about how to make these kinds of dishes, and through practical work, you can do it better. 

Malai Boti

This Chicken Malai Boti name is because of its very fond, mouthwatering constancy. It is also occasionally mentioned as Malai Chicken Tikka.

It's a juicy Pakistani BBQ flimsiness, complete with chicken steeped in a cream and yogurt paste. It is also lighter in presence for the reason that no tinted spices like red chili powder, garam masala, or turmeric are used.

Let’s discuss the ingredients used to make this juicy Malai Boti dish.

Ingredients in Malai Boti

There are the following ingredients used in making this Malai Boti dish: it includes;

• Chicken: This is an impeccable recipe for boneless chicken. If you have concerns about dry chicken, then this mixture will confirm that the chicken is tender.

• Cream: You can use cooking cream, heavy cream, or double cream too.

• Yogurt: Any yogurt whether it is full-fat or low-fat.

• Lemon Juice: Drench the Malai chicken with lemon.

• Green Chilies: if you add very little green chilies, your Malai Boti will taste feeble. You can use Serrano peppers or even jalapenos.

• Fresh Coriander: You can use basil or mint, which have varied taste 

• Spices: Salt, white pepper, coriander powder, cumin powder, and freshly split black pepper are used in this recipe.

• If you consume black pepper powder, the color of your infusion will darken.

• Ginger and garlic: use Fresh ginger and garlic that impart the best flavor.

• Oil: Any neutral cooking oil like canola, vegetable, or rapeseed will be used.

• These are very simple ingredients and are easily available at each kitchen grocery store. So use the quantity according to the amount you want to make so that the taste is better and also tender.

• Let's now discuss how to prepare the Malai Boti with a step-by-step learning procedure.

How to Make Malai Boti

• Take the fresh coriander, lemon juice, and green chilies into a mini food processor.

• After blending add that paste into the chicken bones and mix well.

• Now add all the spices like; white pepper, salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, crushed black pepper, cream, and yogurt. For good taste, marinate this dish overnight.

• Yarn the chicken portions into dribbles and sauté them on medium heat. Using a brush, coat with the excess dressing. Maintain revolving the prickle to give it color and an overcooked look on all sides. Shield in between so that the Malai tikka is intense from the inside out.

• You can present this chicken Malai Boti with green chutney and tandoori naan.

• The steps are very easy, and the ingredients are also easily available at home, or you can buy fresh items to make this dish. Add up all the things in the exact quantity so that you can get the perfect taste of them. You can take a cooking class and learn about it through practical implementation by cooking on your own.

Sum Up:

The recipe is relatively informal and very delicious, and it delivers a fond or spicy taste when you consume it. So try this out and make your day special with this Malai Boti dish. You can merely adapt this recipe for any chicken cut; boneless chicken slices are wide-ranging, as are chicken legs and chicken thighs. The chicken Malai tikka tastes best when grilled on a barbecue grill.


Jun 27, 2023