Mint Margarita Recipe

Mint Margarita Recipe

Mint Margarita Recipe

The refreshing drinks are more for relaxing the mind and giving you a new taste. In the restaurants, there are lots of refreshing drinks made to give a unique taste and are also very colorful, so that the customer automatically wants to taste them once.

There are lots of drinks all around the world that are recognized by different names just because of the special ingredients used in them that make up the drink name. Same as mint is an ingredient or vegetable, when it converts into a drink, it gets the name mint margarita, which originated in Mexico for the first time, and is now famous all around the world.

This refreshing drink is so easy to make and also very light in taste, with sweet and sour notes. Very few ingredients are used in it, so anyone can make it easily at home.

You can take a cooking course to understand that you can make different kinds of drinks at home and serve them restaurant-style.

Now let’s discuss which ingredients are used to make the mint margarita more refreshing to drink.

Mint Margarita Ingredients

The following ingredients are used to make this soothing drink at home: It includes;

• Water: 1 cup

• Sugar: 1 tablespoon or to taste (optional)

• Mint Springs 10–12

• Juice of 3 lemons

• Salt or black salt, 1 pinch

• Black pepper: 1 pinch (optional)

• 7up/Sprite half liter

• Ice

Mint Leaves For Garnish

These are the ingredients that are used to make this drink, so use them according to the number of glasses you want to make. With the quantity I have mentioned, you can easily make 4 to 5 glasses of drink.

Now let’s see how to add up this ingredient to finalize the drink.

How To Prepare a Mint Margarita Drink

If you follow these steps to prepare the drink, then it will be tasty; skipping any step or quantity may not give you satisfying results. 

  • First, take the mint leaves in quantities of 10 to 12 and wash them properly so all the dust can be removed or it will be cleaned up completely. 

  • After that, take a grinding machine and a juicer to blend all the ingredients well.

  • In that juicer, add the mint leaves and one cup of water, then squeeze lemon juice into it.

  • Now add salt and black pepper as mentioned in the quantity or according to your taste.

  • And add ice cubes to blend it well with all the ingredients and give it a cool and refreshing taste.

  • Now blend all the ingredients well for 2 to 3 minutes. Turn on the blender, and when you see that all the ingredients mix well, stop the blend and shift that liquid into a serving jug.

  • After that, add Sprite, which is the main ingredient after mint, to give it a taste of Margarita.

  • Your drink is completely ready. Now taste it before serving. If you think that anything is lacking, add more according to your needs and serve in the glass.

You can take a cooking course to learn new things about how perfect cooking matters if you want to be a professional chef.

Warp up: 

Mint is a modest and inexpensive ingredient full of nutritional benefits. Mint benefits improve the mind, recover the digestive process, and calm headaches. So try this recipe at home and enjoy the drink with your family members.


May 17, 2023