Short Courses in Lahore For Female

Short Courses in Lahore For Female

Short Courses in Lahore For Female

Short courses are the smartest way to learn things in a specific time period. If you are a beginner and don’t know which skill will be more suitable for you, then these short courses will help you understand things and make your learning positive way. These courses are a quick way to access the best skills for career growth, so learn them today!

Certified Salon Artist Course After Matric Intermediate & Graduation

In this phase, the students are very conscious of their careers and do not know what will be the best for them to pursue. This salon artist course is best for everyone who loves to look gorgeous and make others gorgeous.

Our beautician course makes the women or students entrepreneurs because our vision is clear and we want to make our women independent, so we provide skills that make them that.

We provide 1-week, 1-month, and 2-month short courses so it could be convenient for every student to get the learning and start their career rapidly.

In 2-Month Course We Offer:

• Certified Beautician Salon Artist

In 1 month course we offer:

• Acrylic Nail Art Advanced Techniques Course

• Self-Grooming Course

Other Courses We Offer:

• Professional Certified Skin Aesthetics Course (15 days)

• Hair Coloring and Treatment Level I Course (7 days)

• Hair Coloring & Treatment Level-II Course (5 days)

• Makeup Artistry Course (10 days)

• Certified Hair Artistry Course (21 days)

What Makes Our Beautician Course in Lahore Recommended

PNY Pink short courses in Lahore are the best choice for students to avail for a variety of reasons, which include the fact that we provide the best trainers for learning and an environment that is very professional and suitable for everyone.

Our courses build career opportunities for the students according to the advanced techniques so that each student can get better learning and implement it in the future as an expert. Having the basic and practical knowledge of these courses is important, but they also provide in-depth knowledge according to today's requirements.

Our beautician courses include;

• Certified Beautician Salon Artist

• Acrylic Nail Art Advanced Techniques Course

• Hair Coloring and Treatment Level I Course

• Hair Coloring and Treatment Level II Course

• Makeup Artistry Course

• Certified Hair Artistry Course

Professional Certified Skin Aesthetics Course

The demand for health and skin care experts is high in the market, and it's sensitive work to do. The professional needs to provide this kind of service to their customer. If you are not a doctor or an aesthetician by profession, you can still join this course to become one of them. We at PNY Pink are providing the best training in this field so that our students can become future experts in aesthetics.

Makeup Artistry Course

This course will teach the students how to apply professional-level makeup on a client and themselves. Through this model, students will learn how to use different tools to achieve the perfect look. How to use makeup brushes, apply foundation techniques, and other things are included.

Certified Hair Artistry Course

With our certification course, you will learn the necessary skills to pursue a career as a professional hair artist. Students will gain an understanding of the key skills required by hair artists. Our advanced course provides full, comprehensive training in all aspects of hair styling and cutting.

Hair Coloring and Treatment Level I Course

Becoming a successful colorist requires lots of inspiration, and this coloring course will show you both basic and advanced coloring techniques to help you develop your skills and achieve exciting results. Students will learn hair techniques like bleaching, coloring, advanced hair care methods, and many other things. It covers health and safety methods as well.

Hair Coloring and Treatment Level II Course

Through this advanced course, we outline your knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to carry out your job role, which is carried out and delivered in both the workplace and the classroom. The purpose of this course is to develop professional skills to a high level of occupational ability to enable you to perform your salon services. You will have the required knowledge and qualifications to deal with the client efficiently and bring creativity to color techniques.

Acrylic Nail Art Advanced Techniques Course

This course is designed for those who want to pursue a career in nail art. And by using professional tools, students will be able to create different nail styles and designs. Upon completion of the course, learners will have the skills and knowledge necessary to offer acrylic nail extensions as a new treatment on their menu, helping to attract clients who are interested in unique and intricate nail designs.

Self-Grooming Course

This is an essential point for one's grooming, and we provide relevant advice and teach you about makeup, hair, skincare, and the latest trends in looks. These personal hygiene tips make you well-groomed and help you reinvent yourself to become more confident.

Our Faculty: 

The instructors and advisors for all courses are sensibly selected. With their devotion to teachings and excellent course content, we have completed our short courses, which are both imposing and practical for everyone. We design course content with the counselors and deliver it with a complete setup to convey lectures efficiently. All courses guarantee you a modified startup in the field of women's entrepreneurship. There is room for dissimilarity and receiving to know your art. It is conceivable to enroll in more than one course in Lahore at a time and learn as many skills as you want.

Enroll now!

At PNY Pink, we welcome everyone who seeks to get abilities in short courses in Lahore. All courses have diverse durations and timetables. We deal with these courses all over the year, but gathering dates for every course is diverse. You can enroll and list yourself for the session even in advance. Our team can stand by your entry for the upcoming session and contact you accordingly.

It is your call to get the best short courses in Lahore, Pakistan, in 2023 and embellishments for your future. We are always accessible to help you with any queries. Do not hesitate to reach out now!


May 2, 2023