Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

The only thing that women do for themselves is buy the best products that enhance their beauty. Makeup products are widely used all around the world, and there are millions of buyers for them. But choosing the right product is always a question for women who do not know about their skin texture or the right amount to use.

So don’t worry if it’s your first time; this blog is for you to read and then buy the products according to your skin. 

You can take a makeup course to better understand the products through their practical implementation on your skin. Because it will cover your skin imperfections and give you a look that others will adore at any event. 

Pakistan has a vast industry for makeup products, which is built by reputed personalities, provides value for the money you spend, and makes you look more gorgeous for a specific event.

So let’s discuss which products are best in Pakistan and affordable to give the best beauty experience.

The Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan 

There are the following makeup products that are mostly sold in Pakistan and have the best brand value all over. It includes;

Essence Cosmetics:

Essence Cosmetics is a well-known brand for providing front-line, beauty products at very reasonable prices. And many influencers and makeup artists suggest that Essence Cosmetics is a better place to shop for makeup. You can buy original makeup products online through them. 

Clara line:

Clara line cosmetics is more focused on providing the best products for eyes, lips, and face, and offers an extensive range of makeup products, including first-class eyeliners, lip ointments, and foundations intended for oily, dry, and combination skin types. They are quite expensive but once you buy them you will use them for months.


Gabrini is the best brand that provides a wide range of stylish, definitive, and periodic makeup. This brand is famous for its varied collection of lip insignia that are extremely pigmented and have a soft, not glossy, finish that is perfect for everyday use. So buy it if you want to look gorgeous in your everyday look.

Loreal Paris:

This name is very renowned, and everybody knows it because there are lots of copies of this brand name available in each market. But for high-end use, it is only available in branded shops for sale. L'oreal has the whole thing, from lip colors, lip shines, and cosmetics to foundations and mascaras. Loreal hair care products are very common in use, such as hair masks, conditioners, serums, heat protection sprays, and more. These are very easily accessible and very good in quality.

Wet n Wild:

Wet n Wild is a widespread, and very mindful makeup brand in Pakistan. It provides a wide range of makeup products like beautiful blush-on powders, concealers, makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, and many other things linked with makeup that are easily available through its online shop or any of its physically branded shops at very reasonable prices.


Krylon is branded as a spectacular and courageous brand. In Pakistan, a very old or first brand established in Pakistan still has worth. This cosmetic brand, like many others, has a large number of fans and followers. Even if you try, you can’t reject the spectacular and standard Krylon eyelashes. The stick foundation is still considered more worthy for bridal makeup or party makeup looks.

The Body Shop:

Though the brand is best recognized for its skincare products, its foundation, along with lip and cheek tints, is widespread among admirers who maintain their efficiency. However, the brand does not frequently propose concessions, if you discover a respectable makeup stockpile, you may be capable of getting some inordinate contracts.


Maybelline also has value in the makeup industry, and many makeup artists pursue using these products on their brides and party makeup clients. This is easily accessible, and the products are thick and very good in quality and quantity. Every artist has at least one Maybelline product in their vanity container at all times, from the 'Fit Me’ foundation to extended, long-lasting lip colors and a variety of standard mascaras.

Miss Rose:

Miss Rose is an ancient favorite amongst local brands owing to its low costs and high product features. It is recognized for its cosmetics in a diversity of insignia, mascaras, and kajal. The newly released primers, eyebrow gels, and a diversity of other products.

Mac Cosmetics

The Mac is also a very famous brand in Pakistan and is easily available in every shop. The prices are also very reasonable for Mac products, which anybody can easily afford and apply daily. They have each category of makeup products, like, lipsticks, eyeshadows, lip gloss, bronzers, brow gel, and many other things that are easily accessible. 

Masarrat Misbah

Masarrat Misbah is a renowned makeup artist in Pakistan, and her makeup products have huge value in the market. They are a little expensive, but the consistency and quality are high. And her products are best for bridal makeup and party makeup and give a very fine and long-lasting look. It has every category of makeup products, but mostly its foundations are most widely used all over Pakistan, and even normal people also buy her products rather than just make her the artist of the industry. 

You can take makeup courses to learn which brand of product is the best and which product will be more appropriate for your skin, so you can glow every day.

Sum UP:

There are lots of brands all over Pakistan, and they have created their worth by establishing their name through their makeup products. Finding an appropriate brand or product is constantly a problematic chore for every woman since they want to look flawless, but with the correct information about products and brands, you can improve your attractiveness every day. 

So choose the product wisely and make it perfect for your skin to apply and use properly so that you can carry it daily and freshen up every day.

Jun 13, 2023