PNY Trainings ensures an enabling environment for learning and takes strict action against Violation of Code of Conduct.


a.PNY Trainings reserves the right to grant or deny admission to any of its courses.

b.Registration Fee would be charged as PKR 2,000 for courses upto 3 months, PKR 6,000 for courses upto 6 months and PKR 10,000 for courses upto 1 year.

c.Registered students will be entitled to free seminars and workshops. 

d.The admissions are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. No further enrollments will be taken once the seats fill up for a particular course.


a.Students will be charged in case of damage to any property where PNY Trainings institute is situated.

b.Students will be allowed on campus only an hour before and an hour after the class. Overstaying or attempting to enter PNY Trainings at another time without prior permission will result in strict disciplinary action.

c.Vehicles will be allowed parking in the designated parking area only.


a.Attendance will be marked during the first ten minutes of every class.

b.At least 80% attendance along with submission of graded components is required to receive certificate of completion.

c.Students coming late or leaving early from the class will be marked absent.

d.Certificate of Completion must be collected within a month of course conclusion.

e.PNY Trainings will not be responsible for damaged or lost certificates after the aforementioned deadline.

f.Marking proxy attendance is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of defined policies.

g.PNY Trainings reserves the right to not award a certificate if the course criteria is not satisfactorily met.

h.PKR 1,000 will be charged for duplicate certificate.

4.Freeze or Course Swap Policy

a.Freeze or Course Swap policy may be adopted within 7 days from the commencement of classes. 

b.In case of freeze or course swap, candidate has to pay in addition to the fee due in that selected course, an amount of PKR 3,000 for course having duration upto 3 months Course, PKR 6,000 for course having duration upto 6 months  and PKR 10,000 for course having durination upto 1 year.

c.Freeze or course swap fee will be charged immediately on adoption of policy.

d.Option to freeze or course swap is valid upto 3 months only. On lapse of time i.e. 3 months, candidate will not be entitled to claim his / her seat and no fee will be refunded.


a.A refund is applicable if a student withdraws 7 working days before the classes commence on account of a valid reason. However, registration fee will be charged.

b.100 % of the course fee is refundable if a course is cancelled by PNY Trainings.

c.Course fee is non-refundable in case of a disciplinary issue.

d.Students are required to undertake due diligence regarding the course selection. Once registered, Students cannot switch courses after 7 days when classes commence.

e.All refunds and course swaps are subject to the approval of PNY Trainings management. The Institute reserves the right to make the final decision on refunds and course swaps.