Silver Makeup Course

PNY Pink bringing an excessive opportunity for the girls to enrich their makeup skills under the expertness PNY Pink brings to all passionate females of Pakistan an opportunity to learn the best skills that are out of the box. hit the jackpot in the makeup industry with her unique style

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner
Silver Makeup Course

Course Description

Silver Makeup Course

In the early civilization, the culture to utilize beautifiers was old Egypt, where both Egyptian people utilized cosmetics to improve their appearance. The utilization of dark kohl eyeliner and eye shadows in dim shadings like blue, red, and dark was normal and was usually recorded and addressed in Egyptian craftsmanship, just as being found in Egyptian pictographs. Your cosmetics go about as a layer to shield your face from every one of these issues. Additionally, a large portion of the cosmetics presently accompanies SPF thus giving additional security against the destructive UV beams as well. 

However, In this modern civilized era, You have to look ravishing and smooth to adjust to this world. In that context, if you are going to an event that you have a decent outfit on and no cosmetics there are chances that individuals may think you have just spruced up nonchalantly yet the second you add some cosmetics if simply color on your cheeks and some tone all the rage, individuals would think you are prepared for an occasion. 

Though the legal definition of cosmetics in most countries is broader, in some Western countries, cosmetics are commonly taken to mean only makeup products, such as lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer, and several other product types.

To help you in this matter, PNY Pink has now launched a Silver Makeup course that is definitely going to change your lives. We care about the women of our country and for that,  makeup silver course is an opportunity for a lot of young women who want to start their own businesses in this field. She is an influencer for all of us and through PNY she will be able to transfer her beautiful talent to all of the candidates who are looking forward to it.

PNY Pink is an institute that considers the necessities of youths and is now offering a Silver Makeup Course in Lahore. You can get your hands on this Silver Makeup short course in Lahore just by enrolling yourself. PNY Pink is a reputed institute all over Pakistan which offers a diversity of courses for the ease of the women of our country. 

The success of this course is beyond expectations. The candidates will learn from their mentor that the makeup expert has made her name in the makeup industry and she is humble enough to teach her magic tricks through the platform of PNY Pink which is providing Silver Makeup courses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.


The course is intended for beginners to grow up your makeup skills and walk with confidence. Start your journey of being a makeup artist will start.

What we offer?

  • 3 Modest Makeup Looks
  • 3 Ready to Go Hair Styles
  • 1 Basic Facial

About The Author

Aqsa Noman

Aqsa Noman


Internationally certified makeup and hair expert and educationist. Certified from AOFM... Having many certification from loreal, Nayla H, Kashee's, Christine and many more.. , Miss Aqsa Noman. Working in this field past 10 years... Work with many brands like coke studio artists. Did many shoots for brands and salon's. Run my own salon(2018-2021). Trained many women's and those are working in beauty field.

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