Wedding Photography Expert Course

In this course, you will learn Introduction of Wedding Photography, Equipment Details to Kickstart, Camera Settings Techniques, Composition, Light & Framing, Color Grading Lightroom and much more.

Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Basic
Wedding Photography Expert Course

Course Description

How to become a wedding photographer expert? 

PNY Pink introduced another course especially for the women of our society, the wedding photography course in Lahore, Pakistan. The purpose of this course is to provide a platform to those women who want to learn skills and be a part of this practical environment of entrepreneurs. It is one of the best wedding photographer courses in Lahore, Pakistan with the best and skilled trainer, who not merely guides you but will practically provide you the exposure so you can open your own photography studio or get the training or a job in any reputed firm. With the launch of this course, PNY Pink will be one of the best photography courses in Lahore with the respective field expertise instructors or trainers.

Wedding photography course in lahore is aimed at women who want to know more about photography, but they are not sure from where to begin. This is a great course for beginners and for those who want to learn new existing photographic techniques. Photography has evolve as the most dominant factor during last years that is used throughout the world as part of weddings or cultural traditions. 

Determine factors related to any particular wedding, that can make impact upon the way in which a photographer will plan and conduct the shooting of photos for that wedding.

PNY Pink Aims

- Learn how to plan what to do, where and when on the wedding day.

- Select photographic tools appropriate for use when photographing a wedding.

- Determine an appropriate style for wedding photographs, according to the needs of the client.

- Improving your photographic composition.

- Shoot a Wedding Ceremony

- Shoot a Wedding Reception

- Process and present wedding photos to the clients, in a variety of formats

- Successfully establish, market and manage a wedding photography business.

What you will learn in this Wedding photography course in Lahore:

- Nature and scope of wedding photography

- Managing people

- Digital wedding photography and its tools

- Lighting at wedding: rain, overcast weather, sun

- Guidelines and preparation

- Understanding different Types of Ceremonies -Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewis, etc

- Brides Home, Grooms Home, General Shots, At the Ceremony, At the Reception, etc

- Advantages and Disadvantages of Larger Format Cameras

- Digital Cameras

- Back Up Equipment

- Camera Lenses

- Flashes and other Accessories

- Battery Packs

- Tripods and Mono-pods

- The Traditional Poses

- Principles of Photo Composition; Unity, Balance, Proportion, Harmony, Contrast, Rhythm

- Qualities of the Subject; line, form, mass, space, texture, colour, patterns, tone, lines and paths.

- Camera Techniques to Assist with Composition; movement, depth of field or focus.

- Indoor Weddings

- Outdoor Weddings

- Dealing with Strong Backlight

- Larger Wedding Parties

- Smaller Wedding Parties

- And many more things

If you want to learn how to photograph weddings like a pro, this PNY Pink wedding photography course in Pakistan is for you. Professional wedding photographers will walk you through everything you need to know – finding and signing clients, planning for the big day, and shooting and editing high-quality photographs. You will learn the nuances of light, composition, exposure and posing as you develop your own visual style.

In this professional Wedding photography course in lahore, you will learn complete series of photo projects that will be reviewed and evaluated by your teacher, a professional photographer there to help you improve. By the time you finish your course, you will have a portfolio of high-quality photos as well as the skills and confidence necessary to succeed as a professional wedding photographer.

it is Suitable for everyone, a clear path for the entry-level to advanced, allowing you to gain the specialist skills in order to become a capable, even expert, wedding photographer. Start a small or freelance photography business, work part time or turn your hobby and passion into a professional craft.

PNY Pink offers wedding photography course in lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi and Islamabad. So without any further do enroll yourself in PNY Pink wedding photography course in lahore.

This course is designed for absolute beginners, and no prior knowledge or skills are required to participate. Upon completion of this class, students will have the skills of taking out the camera and capture priceless moments of their clients, design stunning albums and market their work at different social media platforms. These skills can be further refined and expanded upon by practicing them more and more not just in wedding photography but at home or outdoor shoots.

BONUS: Best student of the course will be given a chance to go on an event coverage with instructor as an internee.

About The Author

Khadija Yousaf

Khadija Yousaf


Khadija Yousaf is the owner of KOgraphyy which is the brand name of her photography business, further she is a trainer by profession and is working as a Capability Specialist at renowned engineering manufacturing company. She has been fond of photography since her childhood but got proper chance to take photos during university times. She kicked off in this field with basic camera & kit lens, but with her passion, practice & perfect guidance she is now an emerging as a professional female wedding photographer in Pakistan. She has also been working with Amal Academy as program associate which helped her to achieve the horizons of photography.

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