Creative Content Writing

Content Writing becomes important in every field of technology So we establish Creative Content Writing Course in which you will learn about Complete content writing training. This particular course is designed to enable aspiring writers to expand their career in the field of content marketing, social media marketing and content writing.

Duration : 3 Months
Skill level: Intermediate

Course Description

Good content is not storytelling it tells your story well.

The power of the words cannot deny. They can give you both success and failure the key is the right use of it. But the key is proper to use them.

Content Writing is the way toward arranging, composing, and altering web content, regularly for computerized advertising purposes. It can incorporate composing blog entries and articles, contents for recordings and digital broadcasts, just as a substance for explicit stages, for example, text posts on Reedit or tweetstorms on Twitter. It started in 1990 due to the rise in online work and various firms and companies providing these services and it charged fixed per word.

Now, this is in great demand and you can build your career as a professional. Today the web writing or SEO content writing is high in demand to provide articles with the right keyword placement.

To be perfect in this some qualities are required in which as excellent writing skills, consider the target audience, able to do research on any topic, the aptitude for storytelling, adaptability, versatility, knowledge of social media, and a very important point is time management.

But it’s hard to find the appropriate institute at the right time where you get trained under professionals. Such as PNY Pink Offers Creative Content Writing Course. It has become very popular in the last few years. As more people are becoming interested in this spectacular field these days, the popularity of the courses has also increased.

In this creative content writing course, you will learn various benefits of this. Our aim is to provide students and professionals get great advantages and flexibility of Creative Content Writing training courses in Lahore, Pakistan.

In this course, you will know what this are the basics and differences between content writing and management and thy accurate ways to create this. Then after this, the types will be described and the importance of writing impressions. The format and how to retrieve authentic data methods will be introduced. We make able our pupils how to make a strong grip on writing using the correct grammar and language. There will be a complete demonstration of how to use CMS (content management tools) including plagiarism checker, ranking monitor, and grammar checker.

You will be educated about how to write for the websites and structure of webpages and email marketing with the art of how to sell them.

A major section is SEO and blog content writing will also practice in class which is gaining fame with every passing minute.

Here have a look at the objectives of the Course:

• Understanding different forms of writing techniques.

• Combining creative ideas with theories to demonstrate one’s thoughts into words in different forms.

• Practice everything in the realm of the digital content world to explain with help of technical analysis.

• Exposure to Local and Global companies, content, writing expressions, and target market segment.

• This course will enable you to identify your area of interest, find your pace, learn to write content for your target audience, and create opportunities for yourself.

• Learn to write, learn to showcase writing skills, and learn to earn from that skill.


You don't have to sit in a boring cubicle in your office and work, because the Content Writing course gives you the freedom to work from wherever you feel like working, as a content writer. Particularly females who are not able to go out of the house because of several reasons but in this it’s not required. Now you can work from the comfort of your home or even while traveling... Now that's what a fun day at work is supposed to mean, isn't it? Being a content writer, you don't need to slob it up in a 9-to-5 job. You can work independently, giving you enough time for your friends, family, and the other important stuff in your life. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get yourself enrolled in the Content writer Course in Lahore to get the fruitful pieces of training.

• Journalist who are new to content writing  and want to learn all about it comprehensively

• Professionals who are looking to brush up their existing skills and learn new and updated techniques and of the content writing.

• Fresh university graduates who want to join a content writing course as a career.

• Practicing content writer who want to gain expertise in content writing field.

• All students and professionals who are seeking a proper content writing skills and want to start freelancer career.

About The Author

Mahum Khan

Mahum Khan


Mahum our content writing instructor is super talented. She is an expert on English Literature and English Teaching. She is a creative person who loves to accept challenges make them come out beautifully. She knows how to adjust to changing situations quickly. She also had been working as a volunteer in different events and campaigns. Mahum experience and skills will help to make our candidates independent and confident to work in a challenging environment.

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