The Art Of Innovative Fashion Designing Course

This course aims to make the pupils understand the true meaning of Fashion Designing and applying them professionally in practical life. The seeking process will be conducted in a friendly environment so that instructor and students carry an interactive bond. This course will help the students to start their carrier as Fashion Designer.

Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Intermediate

Course Description

Fashion originators may work all day for one design house, as 'in-house creators', which claims the plans, or they work alone or as a component of a group. Independent creators work for themselves, offering their plans to design houses, straightforwardly to shops, or to garments producers. The pieces of clothing bear the purchaser's mark. Some Fashion Designers set up their own names, under which their plans are showcased. Some Fashion Designers are independently employed and plan for singular customers. Other very good quality style architects oblige strength stores or top-of-the-line design retail chains. These planners make unique articles of clothing, just like those that follow set up style patterns. Most Fashion Designers, in any case, work for clothing producers, making plans of men's, women's, and kids' designs for the mass market. Huge fashioner brands which have a 'name' as their images like Abercrombie and Fitch, Justice, or Juicy are probably going to be planned by a group of individual designers under the heading of a plain chief.

A few articles of clothing are made unequivocally for an individual, by virtue of high design or bespoke fitting. Today, most attire is proposed for the mass market, particularly pleasant and dependably wear are called organized to wear. PNY Pink took this into consideration and is offering Fashion Designing short course in Lahore, Pakistan.

PNY Pink is an institute that considers the necessities of youths and is now offering a Fashion Designing Course. You can get your hands on this Fashion Designing short course in Lahore just by enrolling yourself. PNY Pink is a reputed institute all over Pakistan which offers a diversity of courses for the ease of the women of our country.   

Course Objectives:
- This course covers all the modules of Fashion Designing Skills.
- Enables you to express your imagination with clarity through dress.
- All core Fashion Design modules like sketching, pattern making, garment, Construction,      draping, and embroidery.
- Differentiation of Colors- Primary, Secondary, and Complementary.

This Course is designed for:

- Students who want to become a Professional Fashion Designer.

- Brand Owners who want to get InDepth knowledge of Fahion industry.

- Professionals who want to Adapt Fashion Designing fied as a career.

- Anyone want to learn Complete Fashion Designing and Start your own setup.

About The Author

Suhaira Sajid

Suhaira Sajid


The instructor of this course Suhaira Sajid, is Fashion Designer & Cosmetologist (Makeup Artist/Stylist). She has done her “Fashion Designing Studies from Dubai” and Cosmetology (Makeup/Styling/Skin & Hair Chemistry) studies from “Launder Spanish Hollywood Academy” then launched her Designer Dresses Brand, SOHAs Designer Wear in 2013. Its been 7 years now, she is providing international level dresses products and services to Reputable Media Industry, TV Channels, Well-known Celebrities & Common Ladies as well. By the same token, she managed to work as TV Host & Drama Actress at reputable platforms. On the other hand, her credentials also boast outstanding expertise in Public Speaking, and social media skills, which leads her to market her products and services in best way.

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