The Art Of Innovative Fashion Designing Course

This course aims to make the pupils understand the true meaning of Fashion Designing and applying them professionally in practical life. The seeking process will be conducted in a friendly environment so that instructor and students carry an interactive bond. This course will help the students to start their carrier as Fashion Designer.

Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Intermediate

Course Description

Fashion Designing Course in Lahore

Fashion design is the form of art applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction, and natural beauty to clothing and other lifestyle accessories. It is influenced by culture and different trends and has varied over time and place. After a fashion diploma, you will create clothing, including dresses, suits, pants, and skirts, and accessories like shoes and handbags, for consumers.

You can specialize in clothing, accessory, or jewelry design and others in which you are interested. Fashion design course in Lahore is highly competitive today. If you want to make your career in this industry, PNY Pink will encourage the students to work harder and develop several other skills from our instructors.

The aim of our institute is not only to provide certificates in fashion designing only but also in Visual Arts, General Design, and even Graphic Design knowledge. That is possible if you really wish to be the best. Self-learning plays an important role in polishing your skills more. Below are some steps that you can take to improve their skills more with the guidance of teachers:

• You should take home economics classes and learn the best skill of sewing fast

• Draw and paint on your own for better practice with your eye for color and patterns

• Hands-on practice in visual design software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Xara, Serif Draw Plus

• You must read Fashion Design related blogs, books, and magazines.

Fashion Designing Diploma in Lahore Pakistan

Our institute offers different fashion design courses in Pakistan that are some here.

• Draping

• Bridal

• Apparel design

• Sewing design

• Fashion History

• Licensing

• Children wear

• Intimate apparel

• Fitting design

• Haute couture

• Flat pattern-making

• Knitwear design and many other

Types of Fashion Designing:

The scope of fashion designing is vast and cannot be stopped by any particular fashion trend or item. So, fashion designing major types are below:

• Haute Couture Fashion

• Luxury Fashion

• Ready-To-Wear Fashion

• Fast Fashion

• Economy Fashion

• Haute Couture Fashion

Haute couture fashion designing is at the top of the fashion network. It means high-class fashion and dressmaking with needles for private customers. Haute couture dress is mostly designed by hand and without time limit work of all team members.

Luxury Fashion

Luxury fashion develops fashion design that connects exclusive, bespoke, custom-made garments and mass-produced, readily available clothing. Luxury fashion includes high-quality materials that are not hand-made but quantities are not very large. There are many luxury fashion brands in the market but they have high prices.

Ready-To-Wear Fashion

Ready to wear the fashion accessible to the public in large quantities. It is opposite to Haute Couture, and it is available to the public in large amounts in standardized sizes. It mainly focuses on attractive garments and looks at the demand of market trends.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion clothing is available at affordable prices in the market. It is not focused on seasonal collections and has very much mass production. This fashion goes out in a few months only, but they are more appealing to customers who want to go with the trend and are readily available and affordable for everyone.

Economy Fashion

Economy fashion is based on mass collection and easily reaches the needs of customers. It is mostly focused on profit and cheap labor. At the bottom of the fashion hierarchy is this. It works according to seasonal trends and cannot set new trends due to budget. These clothes are reasonable.

How Fashion Designers can independently Employee:

Fashion originators may work all day for one design house, as 'in-house creators', which claims the plans, or they work alone or as a component of a group. Independent creators work for themselves, offering their plans to design houses, straightforwardly to shops, or to garment producers. The pieces of clothing bear the purchaser's mark. Some Fashion Designers set up their own names, under which their plans are showcased.

Some Fashion Designers are independently employed and plan for singular customers. Other very good quality style architects oblige strength stores or top-of-the-line design retail chains. These planners make unique articles of clothing, just like those that follow set-up style patterns.

Most Fashion Designers, in any case, work for clothing producers, making plans for men's, women's, and kids' designs for the mass market. Huge fashioner brands that have a 'name' as their images like Abercrombie and Fitch, Justice, or Juicy are probably going to be planned by a group of individual designers under the heading of a plain chief.

A few articles of clothing are made unequivocally for an individual, by virtue of high design or bespoke fitting. Today, most attire is proposed for the mass market, particularly pleasant and dependable wear called organized wear. PNY Pink took this into consideration and is offering a Fashion Designing course in Lahore, Pakistan.

PNY Pink is an institute that considers the necessities of youths and is now offering a Fashion Designing diploma. You can get your hands on this Fashion Designing course in Lahore just by enrolling yourself. PNY Pink is a reputed institute all over Pakistan that offers a diversity of courses for the ease of the women of our country.  

Objectives of Fashion Designing Diploma in Lahore

• You will cover all the modules of Fashion Designing Skills in a fashion designing short course.

• Enables you to express your imagination with clarity through dress.

• All core Fashion Design modules like sketching, pattern making, garment, Construction, draping, and embroidery.

• Differentiation of Colors- Primary, Secondary, and Complementary.

PNY Pink Vision:

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design provides the facility to students who are able to combine design capability with manufacturing dexterity to create products that are functional and aesthetically appealing. It also prepares the students with the necessary management and marketing tools in order to promote these products in markets around the world. PNY Pink's effort to create a new generation of creative designers and highly skilled entrepreneurs to cater to the demands of the new era.

• PNY Pink aims to be a specialist design institute, catering to the demands of the industry.

• Its goal is to provide a comprehensive design education that focuses on the relationship between the designed product and the consumer needs.

• It also aims to be the platform from which individuals can accompany challenging career options in the field of design.

This course is designed for:

• Students who want to become Professional Fashion Designers.

• Brand Owners who want to get InDepth knowledge of the Fashion industry.

• Professionals who want to Adapt to the Fashion Designing field as a career.

• Anyone wants to learn Complete Fashion Designing and Start your own setup.

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