Mastering the Art of Kundan Jewellry Making

In this Course, you will understand different types of jewelry, Making of basic jewelry embellishments, Patch making and precise cutting, Silk thread technique, Color & design balancing techniques, How to Deal with Customers, Understanding Product Pricing & Profit Formula and much more.

Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Basic
Mastering the Art of Kundan Jewellry Making

Course Description

Why you should join  Jewellry Making Course in Lahore at PNY Pink

We PNY PINK, offering Jewellry Making Course in Lahore, Pakistan. We are passionate to work for women's empowerment. Our main purpose is to make our woman self-sufficient and independent. It is a unique kind of course which is being offered by PNY Trainings. This course is designed for the basic level to expert one. We do not need any kind of requirement to register for this course. Get register yourself today in this unique Kundan Jewelry Making Course.

Kundan is the oldest and ancient way of jewelry making technique. India is the main origin where these intricate jewel pieces were made and adorn by royals. In the Mughals era, kundan was designing in Delhi afterwards the artisans of Kundan moved to Rajasthan. Now Rajasthan is very famous for its Kundan jewelry in the whole world.

Why this Jewelry Making Course

The main purpose of this course is to understand the different types of jewelry. How to make different jewelry embellishment. How to make a patch and precise cutting. Techniques used for silk thread, the right way of measurement. Colour and design balancing techniques, development of innovative styles and designs, and marketing your skills on Facebook and Instagram to photography of product and pricing it. We will cover different areas of the course that are consist of different modules like types of jewelry, embellishment and measurement, and cutting. Earring designing techniques, Choker and Maala designing techniques. Jhumka designing techniques. Necklace designing techniques. Jhoom, Tikka, and Matha-Patti designing techniques. Handpiece and Ring designing techniques and start your own online business.

Kundan jewelry making is a very intricate process and long process which is handled by skilled workers and has different stages. It starts with a very thin layer of gold which is filled with lac afterward stones and gems are fixed with the help of hot coal then 24 carats melted gold is poured to better fix the stones and gems, wielding is also needed to fix joints, in the end, the jewel pieces are washed in water to clear dark sports of wielding.

Imitation of Kundan jewelry is very common for the last few years because of the crazy high prices of gold. But since the designers are here in the market to make artificial jewelry so beautifully everyone demands to have their own jewel pieces that became possible because of jewelry making courses and training. If you cannot afford real Kundan jewelry you can go for the imitation one. In imitating jewelry the design is the same but it eliminates the exorbitant price of gold.

Jewelry is no more a status in fact it has become a fashion statement used in the whole world. With the passage of time, it has turned into an industry. It is no more limited to gold and diamonds, it has changed and evolved with time. Growing industry brings in more opportunities along with jobs so the chance of employment with a good salary is also increasing. There are very few people who have a degree or course in this field it means if you have the expertise in jewelry making it can make you stand out in the crowd.

Once you are qualified, there are multiple opportunities available for you. You can join some boutiques as a jewelry designer, the entertainment industry for customized jewelry for actors, and even set your own Jewelry Business.

Come and join PNY PINK for Jewelry Making Course in Lahore. We are ready to train you according to the current Kundan jewelry-making techniques.

Material Required:

The materials required are:

  1. Kundan (Different Shapes and Sizes)
  2. Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  3. Fabric or Golden Sheet
  4. Fevicol Glue
  5. Cutter
  6. Round Nose Plier
  7. Cutting Plier
  8. Scissor
  9. Head Pins
  10. Eye Pins
  11. Necklace Dori
  12. Beads, Stones
  13. Jhumka Base
  14. Silk Thread
  15. Joining Wire
  16. Pearls 4mm
  17. Jump Ring
  18. Chand Bali Base
  19. Bangle Base

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding the different types of jewellery
  2. Making of basic jewellery embellishments
  3. Patch making and precise cutting
  4. Silk thread technique
  5. Method of taking perfect measurements
  6. Colour & design balancing techniques
  7. Development of Innovative Designs & Styles
  8. Marketing your skills on Facebook & Instagram
  9. Understanding Photography techniques
  10. How to Deal with Customers
  11. Understanding Product Pricing & Profit Formula

This course is designed for absolute beginners, and no prior knowledge or skills are required to participate.

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