Hoop Embroidery Course

In this course, you will learn What is HOOP Embroidery, Basic Hoop Embroidery Stitches, Embroidery Stitches Variations, Flowers & Leave Stitches, Doll Hair Bun & Open Hair, 3D Flowers Embroidery, Ribbon Embroidery & Tips & Secret Techniques of Hoop Embroidery

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Basic

Course Description

Hoop Embroidery short course in Lahore

An embroidery hoop or tambour frame consists on concentric circular or elliptical rings. The big ring has a tightening device, usually in the form of a metal screw. The craftsman set the hoop in different positions as needed when working over a large piece of fabric. There are different sizes of Embroidery hoops and are generally small that easily control with one hand and rest in the lap. Hoops were originally made of wood, bone, or ivory. Now, modern hoops are made of wood or plastic. There are two method to attach the hoops one is a table-top and other is floor stand when both hands must be free for sewing, as in making tambour lace. The standing floor frames and lap frames allow the crafter to keep both hands free for working, which increases the speed during sewing and precision of work performed.  Machine embroidery uses a thin plastic hoop. You will learn embroidery skills of embroidery in the Hoop Embroidery course.

Embroidery has always been playing a major role in the fashion industry and when it comes to handmade ones; it always adds a spark of creativity to it. Hoop embroidery has made a huge rebound into the fashion industry in the 20s. PNY Pink has taken the initiative in introducing a Hoop Embroidery Short Course in Lahore to help people in learning the art of innovation in styling.

Our instructor will teach you the very basics of hand embroidery during the Hoop Embroidery short course in Lahore, Pakistan. Learning the skills of embroidery is not as tough as you might think! With a bit and continue practice, you'll get it down in a short time. And embroidery is a nice relaxing thing to do after a long day if your interest level is high in crafting while watching TV or listening to podcasts.

What things are required to Start Embroidering?

If you are beginner and want to start embroidering, you'll need the following items:

Embroidery Hoop:

It consists of two parts to hold your fabric tightly in place as you want to switch. It is available in different sizes and made of plastic or wood. You have to lose the screw to mount the fabric on the hoop and separate both rings. Set the fabric over the inner ring and press the outer ring. After tightening the screw, you can start embroidery.

Small Sharp Scissors:

In embroidery, you have to keep a few different scissors on hand to do many tasks. The embroidery scissors are small in size and sharp that are perfect for cutting threads and remove the stapling. The fabric shears are used for cutting fabric and transferring paper.

Embroidery Floss:

This is cheap and comes in many colors. The DMC floss and use it exclusively. Embroidery floss (also called stranded cotton) is most popular and comes in a rainbow color. It consists of six individual plies that can be separated or combined to achieve a thickness that best suits your embroidery. In the Hoop Embroidery short  course learn about color combinations.

Embroidery Needle:

It comes in different sizes like 1 to 12 and 1 considered the biggest and 12 is the smallest size. Mostly use the 10 curved beading needles for embroidery. This type of needle is sharp.

Different types of needles are as follows:

  • Milliner needles
  • Chenille needles
  • Sashiko needles
  • Quilting needles

Water soluble marker:

With this marking tool you can draw different designs on the fabric. At the end you can rinse the markings out with cold water but avoid ironing.

Different types of embroidery hoops

There are many types of embroidery hoops that all hold fabrics between an inner ring and an outer ring. All below types are different from each other on the base of tension created on the fabric.

Screw tension

This is the most common type of embroidery hoop and with the outer ring you can easily increase and decrease tension on the hoop. Screw tension hoops available in a range of material, different sizes, shapes.

Spring tension

This is another kind of hoop embroidery which creates tension with a metal inner ring that slots into a grove in the plastic outer ring. Spring tension hoops are also used in the hand embroidery to keep fabric nice and tight, but the handles are very large and can get in the way.

Flexi hoops

Flexi hoops look like real wood, but made from a flexible vinyl that fits tightly over an inner plastic ring. The holding of fabric is super tight with it, but hard to use. No need for screws to hold fabrics. The inner and outer rings simply push together to hold the fabrics. When you finish stitching, your needlework is pretty ready-to-hang with it.


Q-Snap frame is the best alternative to traditional hoops. Q-snaps are a very popular option for cross stitchers. It is very lightweight, comfortable to hold, and comes in a wide variety of sizes.  You will be able to learn skills of different embroidery in the Hoop Embroidery short course.

Machine Embroidery

Machine Embroidery is an embroidery process where a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is most important commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. It plays the best role in the fashion industry to decorate garments and apparel. Machine embroidery is used by hobbyists and crafters to decorate gifts, clothing, and home decor. Examples include designs on quilts, pillows, and wall hangings. There are three types of machine embroidery.

  • Free-motion machine embroidery

This type of machine embroidery creates designs using a ZigZag sewing machine and creates thicker lines to create borders.

  • Cornely hand-guided embroidery

This kind embroidery used in the fashion industry. Machine work according to the pattern and fabric moved by the crank that is located in the machine.

  • Computerized machine embroidery

This machine works with computer control. It holds the fabric tightly under the sewing needle and automatically creates design from a pre-programmed digital pattern.

In this Hoop Embroidery course, you will be provided with our most talented and experienced trainer who will teach you the art of hoop embroidery. You will learn about hoops, floss, and fabrics and how you can hang or transfer the embroidered pieces. PNY Pink Offers Hoop Embroidery course in Lahore, Pakistan.

This course is designed for absolute beginners, and no prior knowledge or skills are required to participate. Our mentors will take you through all the modules needed to hone your embroidery skills. The modules in the course are not only limited to the beginners but the participants of the course will also learn about more basic & advanced stitches and variations. 

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