Hoop Embroidery Course

In this course, you will learn What is HOOP Embroidery, Basic Hoop Embroidery Stitches, Embroidery Stitches Variations, Flowers & Leave Stitches, Doll Hair Bun & Open Hair, 3D Flowers Embroidery, Ribbon Embroidery & Tips & Secret Techniques of Hoop Embroidery

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

A weaving loop or (prior) tambour outline comprises a couple of concentric roundabout or circular rings. The larger ring has a fixing gadget, normally as a metal screw. The craftsman repositions the circle depending on the situation when working over a huge piece of texture. Weaving (hoop) bands come in different sizes and are by and large little enough to control with one hand and rest in the lap. Loops were initially made of bone, ivory, or wood. Present-day circles are made of wood or plastic. Hoops might be connected to a table-top or floor stand when two hands should be free for sewing, as in making tambour ribbon. Standing floor casings and lap outlines permit the crafter to keep two hands-frees for working, which speeds up and exactness of work performed.

Embroidery has always been playing a major role in the fashion industry and when it comes to handmade ones; it always adds a spark of creativity to it. Hoop embroidery has made a huge rebound into the fashion industry in the 20s. PNY Pink has taken the initiative in introducing a Hoop Embroidery Short Course in Lahore to help people in learning the art of innovation in styling.

In this course, you will be provided with our most talented and experienced trainer who will teach you the art of hoop embroidery. You will learn about hoops, floss, and fabrics and how you can hang or transfer the embroidered pieces.

During this Hand Embroidery course, you will complete different types of samplers which will help you to learn various stitches alongside styles. With the help of our experts, participants will have the skills they need to make any line-art embroidery design, as well as some simple flower designs. These skills can be refined and expanded upon to include learning other types of embroidery stitches to create more complex embroidery pieces. It is although a traditional art but you can regenerate it in your own ways, as ideas and imaginations have no limits. This Hoop Embroidery Course in Lahore, Pakistan is great for anyone who wants to be a Hoop Embroidery expert!

This course is designed for absolute beginners, and no prior knowledge or skills are required to participate. Our mentors will take you through all the modules needed to hone your embroidery skills. The modules in the course are not only limited to the beginners but the participants of the course will also learn about more basic & advanced stitches and variations. 

About The Author

Fatima Fahim

Fatima Fahim


Fatima our hope embroidery course instructor is a real example that talent has no boundaries. You can start learning from anywhere and continue adopting new things unless you become an expert in the field. Fatima learns the basics of soldering from her mother. She did not stop there besides endures her voyage and enhances her skills. Then came the industry of hope embroider. She lingers her effort until she becomes an expert in the field and starts earning. Now she is working with us as an instructor and diverting her knowledge to females they start grossing

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