English Language & Communication Skills

In this course, you will learn Grammar and vocabulary, Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, Personality development, Assignments

Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Beginner
English Language & Communication Skills

Course Description

English Language & Communication Skills Course in Lahore

English language course in lahore has become a trend of today and frankly speaking it is one of the most frequently used languages in the world not because its speakers are in plenty but because day by day new entrant are in fluxing it because it is an international language and also language of official use. There are very few countries who have their native language as official language, almost every country has English as second language. So, it has become compulsory to learn English language to speak confidently in public and to achieve opportunities just because of your speaking skills.

PNY PINK has compiled an advanced training in english language course with experts to improve the English language in speaking and smoothing the barriers in communication. If you are a working women or a house wife or anything but want to improve your English so, don’t be late grab this opportunity and join us because we can provide the education at the comfort of your home as well in campus.  

This training sessions of spoken english course in lahore will improve your English language abilities while also increasing your confidence and ability to speak with a variety of audiences. Being able to communicate effectively in both written and spoken form is a valuable skill that can lead to professional and personal opportunities. This course teaches you how to employ the appropriate tone and voice in various situations and exposes you to tried-and-true strategies for presentations, creative writing, and journalistic topic analysis.

If you have trouble in speaking English clearly, this training can truly change your life. You're definitely aware from personal experience that being unable to communicate effectively can limit your employment options, social life, and relationships. I've worked with people who were unable to find work or were paid up to 30% less because of their speech. These were extraordinarily intelligent folks who were unable to express themselves as they want due to speech problems.

The material of English language course in lahore will transform your life if you are willing to put in the time and effort. If you aren't, there's no point in taking it. Even if the information is excellent, it will be useless if you do not practice using it. Also, be prepared to wait however long it takes to achieve your goals. This isn't going to be a quick remedy. Sure, you might get spectacular results right away, but don't be discouraged if that doesn't happen. Expect it to take longer than you think and to be more difficult than you anticipated. Time will pass regardless, so the only choice is whether you will take steps to make positive changes.

With the important assistance of our skilled teachers, who created the lessons as short and intense e-learning sessions, this English course incorporates new and up-to-date teaching methodologies.

Each English lesson is delivered in the native tongue, with visual aids seamlessly blended into the context, creating the ideal learning environment. This English course for beginners provides online courses that are tailored to include multiple teaching methods and accommodate diverse learning types, ensuring that they are a great fit for each learner, independent of their prior knowledge or what they have learned in school.

This English course for beginners provides that are tailored to include multiple teaching methods and accommodate diverse learning types, ensuring that they are a great fit for each learner, independent of their prior knowledge or what they have learned in school.

If you're still not sure why you're taking this English course, consider the following.

1. First and foremost, each lesson is delivered in the student's original language, with visual aids seamlessly interwoven. In a polite and easy style, communication is tailored to each student and to real-life situations.

2. Second, students can study English at their own pace, and subtitles are accessible in either the students' original language or the language they want to learn to help them concentrate and feel more at ease.

3. Finally, students can assess their performance and development by taking multiple choice tests, which are an exceptionally effective way to review vocabulary and improve grammar for anyone taking this English course for beginners.

What you'll learn

Begin speaking effectively, naturally, and confidently in actual, grammatically accurate English today.

Thanks to the English speaking teacher, interactive board, subtitles, and included, you may improve your hearing and English comprehension skills with native English through ear training and visual learning.

By practicing a lot after each lesson, you can be confident in your English skills (A1, A2, A2+ levels). Understand and employ commonplace terms.

Reach your best spoken languauge course in lahore goals today and in the future, expanding your personal and professional options.

You will improve your practical communication abilities in English speaking, writing, reading, and, of course, your fluency and grammatical knowledge by the end of the course.

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in learning English quickly and easily.

This course is intended for complete novices. We'll start with the fundamentals.

This course will help you improve your English if you are approaching intermediate.

The course's success has exceeded all expectations. Expert courses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi will be taught by the candidates' mentors. Invest your time and money to gain useful knowledge. So, take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train as an expert in Pakistan at the most famous institute PNY PINK.


•Working professionals Women

•Anyone interested in a proper certification in English language course in Lahore or any other city

•Anyone who thinks his spoken English needs more practice

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Sadaf Javed

Sadaf Javed


Sadaf Javed our Montessori course expert is a self-learner. She works hard to achieve her goals. Her 10 years of experience in the field will help the candidate to under all techniques to be a good Montessori teacher or mother. She did Montessori Course from GMIc. She also works at preschool and practices the Montessori techniques controlling children herself. She has also experienced working with early childhood programs. Sadaf joined us intending to inspire teacher or learner to be an expert of the skill and start their career.

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