Montessori Teacher Trainings

The goal of this trainings is to educate the teachers and mothers to nourish their students and kids in a better way. The curriculum includes 6 modules.

Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Intermediate

Course Description

What you will learn from Montessori Teacher Trainings Course 2022 

Kids flourish when they have a protected and positive relationship with individuals, particularly their folks. A mother assumes various parts in a kid's turn of events, as she is an educator in each part of a youngster's formative development – social passionate, physical, intellectual and freedom.

Mothers can possibly assume the main part of instructor in a kid's initial life and as youngsters get more established they are still at the core of their schooling. This standard applies to educators the other consistent good examples in the kid's learning climate. Most habitually, it is the mother who is also an educator who assumed the primary part in building kids. The house is the place where the youngster rests, eats, dozes, plays, and is continually learning; while school or kindergarten is where kids figure out how to function with others in groups, figure out how to act in local area and society.

PNY PINK is offering necessary Montessori short courses for mothers and teachers to enhance their abilities and skills of providing children basic education and learning. The goal of this training is to nourish their students and kids in a better way. The curriculum includes 6 modules covering the basics of education, guide the learners to respond empathetically to the child’s feelings and needs, help the learners to become a good consultant to whom children may return for help.

For this Montessori course we are honored with a very competent and well-qualified tutor Miss. Javeria Sharjeel Khan who has been hired as a coordinator at American Lycetuff, a principal in English grammar school, head of biology at Concordia College, and with a broad range of courses of Montessori training, Montessori teachers training courses, and child education training. She will be mentoring this Montessori teaching training in which mother and teachers will learn how to nurture the whole child, discover the true needs of the child, how to manage/avoid toddlers temper tantrums or at any age, how to help your child to find peace, harmony, and purpose, how to avoid power struggles and how to make learning time more productive. Our trainees will get complete knowledge about Montessori productivity

After this Montessori short course in Lahore, Pakistan the participants either mother or teacher will be able to learn how to enhance confidence and independence, and competence when facing children. They will understand the nature of all their students and how to motivate them intrinsically to pursue their goals. For the improvement of children's education in Montessori and for better future opportunities avail this Montessori short course in Lahore so that you may find yourself a superior consultant, best mother, and a learned teacher. For more details and information about the Montessori short courses visit or contact PNY Pink, Johar Town, Lahore.

For this exceptional course of PNY Pink's Montessori training no experience or education is required, you merely have to be a mother, a teacher, a kid consultant, or just a guardian who wants to know his/her kid needs and behaviors more perfectly.

About The Author

Sadaf Javed

Sadaf Javed


Sadaf Javed our Montessori course expert is a self-learner. She works hard to achieve her goals. Her 10 years of experience in the field will help the candidate to under all techniques to be a good Montessori teacher or mother. She did Montessori Course from GMIc. She also works at preschool and practices the Montessori techniques controlling children herself. She has also experienced working with early childhood programs. Sadaf joined us intending to inspire teacher or learner to be an expert of the skill and start their career.

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