Gold Makeup Course

PNY Pink bringing an excessive opportunity for the girls to enrich their makeup skills under the expertness of International Makeup Queen “Ayesha Sayeen”. PNY Pink brings to all passionate females of Pakistan an opportunity to learn the best skills that are out of the box. Ayesha Sayeen hit the jackpot in the makeup industry with her unique style

Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Gold Makeup Course

It is consistently a smart thought to include some cosmetics to right away light up your face and a stunt for continually looking set up consistently without doing a lot. Instagram and Snapchat have become a significant piece of our lives now. We need to impart our day to our companions in our accounts all over. At the point when you have cosmetics on, you are consistently prepared to get clicked for an OOTD picture or a selfie you generally look prepared for the camera. 

You may contend on this however there are so many individuals who concur with these cosmetics that have gotten a sort of treatment for them. Numerous advisors urge individuals to engage in innovative action to help quiet your brain. There are various types of Gold Makeup courses offered by respective institutes which help individuals to enhance their basic skills.

At the point when you apply cosmetics you are a piece of an innovative interaction, you can go wild with it and get as insane as you need to and individuals value you for your abilities. Individuals have been open and vocal about how cosmetics changed such a great amount for them and how they discover an arrival of their repressed feelings through cosmetics. 

PNY Pink offers a Gold Makeup course in Lahore, Pakistan. Any woman of our country can easily avail of this Gold Makeup Course in Lahore to enhance and learn the skills they are thriving for. 

The success of this course is beyond expectations. The candidates will learn from their mentor the makeup diva Ayesha Sayeen. Ayesha Sayeen has made her name in the makeup industry and she is humble enough to teach her magic tricks through the platform of PNY Pink which is providing  Gold Makeup courses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

We have hired one of the best International Makeup Artist who is also a social media influencer ‘Ayesha Sayeen’. Through this Ayesha Sayeen Gold makeup course in Lahore you will be able to learn how to:

- Deal with Eye Brows.

- Be a Beautician.

- Contour your face.

- Uses of Highlighters/Glitters.

- Treat the inadequacy of skins and their types.

- Give shape to face and eye.

Course Duration:

The duration of courses doesn’t rely on years or months for which you have to think before joining. Gold makeup course in Lahore is a short time course of all the outlooks you need to learn to be a successful makeup artist.

The Entry Test is only for Females.

Eligibility Criteria:

- There is no age limit for candidates.

- You don’t need to be a professional or beautician to line for the test.

- You are free to create any makeup look.

- Show your makeup skills you are best in

- There is no special requirement for dress/jewelry
(if it the need of the look you have to bring it with you)

- It’s your choice to take along a model or style yourself.

- Bring your makeup kit for the flair you are going to do.

- You have 1 hour to complete the task

Additional you will get free goodies of worth

PRs; 9000 To 10,000 + Free Class Digital Marketing

The course is for professionals to practice their skills and develop themselves into beautician. And be a part of this vast makeup industry.

Be a spotlight in the makeup industry. What are we offering?

  • 7 Advance Makeup looks
  • 7 Advance Hair Botox
  • 3 Best of facials

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Ayesha Sayeen

Ayesha Sayeen


Ayesha Sayeen - Makeup Artist Blogger Trainer & Brand owner of Mahly's beauty has a product line that offers halal, affordable and cruelty-free makeup products and a platform to beautify people so that they work with and learn to use makeup products according to the need and occasion.

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